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Meet The First Bunch Of Rumoured ‘Big Brother’ Housemates

It’s not too long now until the reboot of Big Brother begins and we meet the 20 housemates who will inhabit the house.

We still don’t know exactly what to expect from the new season, but Channel 7 confirmed in a teaser release over the weekend the identity of one housemate, Mat Garrick  Aside from Mat, the identities of three other housemates are being widely reported, according to a TV Blackbox report, which cites 2012 Big Brother winner Benjamin Norris leaking the names.

So to be clear, only Mat is confirmed officially, but here’s everything we know about all the rumoured Big Brother housemates!

Mat Garrick, NSW

The first person confirmed as heading into the house is 30 year old Mat from Broken Hill in New South Wales. As said by the mining electrician in the promo, he reckons he’ll “bring humour, wit, smarts, ADHD energy and a ‘beautiful big head’ into the Big Brother house”.

Check out Matt’s Big Brother teaser below:

The promo continues, “Mat hopes he’s a likable guy but he’s got to keep his wits about him – it’s a game and if someone comes after him, it’s kill or be killed in Mat’s book.”

If he wins the prize money — which we now know is $250k — Mat says he’ll spend it on giving his fiancée, Jessica Byrne, her dream wedding. Cute!

Zoe George, VIC

Zoe is a mother of two and runs a mummy blog called The Subtle Mummy, where she flogs various products, shares pranks she plays on her partner, and “tells it like it is with #nofilter.” Aside from motherhood, the website says that Zoe has a masters in teaching, and a degree in fine arts.

Zoe describes herself as: “Mother. Wife. Writer. Teacher. Funny. Honest. Energetic. Prankster. Subtle as a brick in the face.” OK! Don’t expect Zoe to sit on the sidelines when drama goes down in the BB house.

Ian W, WA

We don’t know much about Ian, other than the fact he is known for wearing an Akubra hat, but Ben has confirmed he is on the 2020 season and had this to say about the Western Australian fella:

“That signature hat that you can see him wearing on the show is a bit of a talking point, a way of him getting to know people. Apparently he is a very good conversationalist and from all that I’ve heard apparently he does very well on this upcoming series,” said Ben.

Daniel Gorringe, SA

He’s been a rumoured housemate for weeks, and Ben seemed to confirm the rumours, saying, “Daniel will be amongst the housemates in the 2020 series.” Daniel is an ex-AFL football player-turned-influencer, who previously played for the Gold Coast and Carlton.

Via The Suns Gold Coast AFL Club

We expect more housemates’ names will drop in the coming weeks!

Big Brother will premiere on Channel 7 in six weeks.