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We Finally Know When ‘Big Brother VIP’ Is Dropping

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If you’ve been waiting desperately to see all the drama set to unfold on Big Brother VIP then good news: the season is dropping real soon.

Channel 7 has announced Big Brother VIP is set to premiere on November 1 and we’ll finally get to see the 12 celebrity guests cause chaos and engage in some deep and meaningful chats as they live their new lives under Big Brother’s watchful eye.

Already the promos are looking controversial AF, especially with the addition of Megan Markle’s brother Thomas attempting to ride his sister’s coattails all the way into… well, the Big Brother Australia house I guess.

Other celebrity guests include international stars Caitlyn Jenner and Omarosa, as well as our own homegrown reality TV talent including MAFS‘ Jessika Power, and Survivor‘s Luke Toki.

The 12 VIPs will be checking into a luxury hotel for the show, but with a classic Big Brother twist thrown in, of course. The winner of Big Brother VIP will walk away with $100,000 for the charity of their choice.

For the full list of Big Brother VIP contestants, please click right here.

Stay tuned to Channel 7 on November 1 to watch this mess of a season kick off. Oh, and if you happen to catch an episode of Home and Away beforehand, can we please talk about the hot new cop?