Ciarran in 'The Bachelorette'

A Celebration Of All Of Fan Favourite Ciarran’s Fire ‘Bachelorette’ Looks

Ciarran has brought all the style – and all the substance – to this season of The Bachelorette.

While his departure tonight was heart-wrenching, it only went further to demonstrate what a total catch the cheeky Englishman is. He’s funny, he’s handsome, he’s well-dressed, he’s great with dogs (miss you Rusty), he puts his family first. All desirable qualities for a potential partner.

Every step of his Bachelorette journey, Ciarran was ready to have a laugh, and then to be totally vulnerable. He got his kit off without blinking. He told the best jokes at the Comedy Store. He gritted his perfect teeth through a jet boat ride wearing a poncho. He ruined an attempt at talking about his family by not knowing the difference between ‘siblings’ and ‘offspring’. But somehow it came off as endearing!

Ciarran in 'The Bachelorette'

The fact he opened up about just how much he loved his grandma, and how she helped him through childhood, only made him leaving the show all the more devastating.

We stan a perfect Bachelorette contestant. And to pay tribute to a man who absolutely has better hair than me, we’re highlighting all his best style moments from the season.

Raise a cheeky glass of champers to all of Ciarran’s absolute fire Bachelorette looks:

Episode Seven:

While Ciarran was out of spirits this episode (for good reason!!!), his green blazer, leafy pants combo made him look like a fancy boy going to the jungle.

Episode Six:

I hope this is the blazer Ciarran wears to our wedding. His hair is luscious and swept to the side like I imagine my bridal hair to be.

For his single date, Ciarran went out in a stylish jeans, tee, casual khaki jacket combo. Sure, it was covered in a bright red poncho, but when he changed out of his wet clothes, he was perfection all over again, with his navy blazer, paisley shirt and funky blue socks.

Episode Five:

The boy is brave enough to wear flamingo pink, offset by a navy blue palette for the rest of the ensemble. It brings out your baby blues, Ciarran. We see you.

Episode Four:

What bravery! Leopard print blazer, leopard print scarf, a shirt unbuttoned halfway down his chest, his hair perfectly coiffed. If he was an actual leopard he could claw my eyes out and I’d say “Thank you!”

Everyone’s favourite Ciarran look is obviously starkers during the bachelorette party date, his tattooed and chiselled bod on show. Thank you, sir! Move the grapes!

Episode Three:

Ciarran here is serving up dynamite Grimace-lite looks. He should never stop wearing florals.

On the dog date, Scot and Ciarran triumphed, wearing matching pink polo tops. Ciarran chose to button his all the way up, putting his spin on what could have been a dull look. He’s creative too!

Episode Two:

You would think I wouldn’t like these clashing patterns – checks and spots? In this economy? But by keeping the colour palette monochrome, and by being his dandyish self, Ciarran rocks it.

Episode One:

This is the moment Ciarran entered, and we all kinda dismissed him as a loveable larrikin type who wouldn’t make it far in the game. And how wrong were we?

With a velvet jacket so hot and red it could burn my face off (pls), Ciarran walked into the mansion with style and swagger.

Who knew, as a nation, we would get so horny for someone who described himself as a “sexual Willy Wonka”? Not me! We did not deserve Ciarran.

Ciarran in 'The Bachelorette'