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Cody Simpson On Lindsay Lohan’s Furniture, Miley & His ‘Masked Singer’ Journey

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The Masked Singer Australia came to an end last night with Cody Simpson, aka Robot, taking out the winning spot.

The Aussie star who has been busy building his career in the states has been in the public eye for quite some time. From his early teen pop days to his new relationship with Miley Cyrus, Cody is no stranger to headlines and tabloid goss.

But it was Lindsay Lohan’s comments on last night’s finale that caught the attention of fans of the show. When she rightly predicted it was Cody under the mask (Cody used to date her younger sister Ali), she told him they’d need to have a chat in a “different arena”, and said “I want my furniture back!”

We spoke to Cody Simpson about his time on The Masked Singer, what furniture Lindsay Lohan bought him, and yes, he did call Miley Cyrus his girlfriend.

On why he chose to go on The Masked Singer: 

“I liked the idea of going on because the show is kinda weird, it’s a lot of fun and abstract and I haven’t done anything like that before. So I thought it would be interesting to just be judged on your voice and not the way you look, not by how old you are, not by what you’re wearing – to just have it be based on my voice alone was just such a cool thing.”

Cody Simpson The Masked Singer

“It was the first time I had come over here, come back to my home country, to do something big like this. I’ve been in the States recording and I did a show on Broadway this past winter and so to come back in this kind of way was really cool.”

On his big reveal and being embraced by the Aussie public:

“It’s been so, so great.  I came on the scene pretty hot when I was young and did the pop thing which I then rebelled against in a way, by choice, because I needed to go work on my stuff and become the musician I wanted to be. I was in this rebellious kind of phase… I was doing a rock thing, I was in a band, I was doing whatever the hell I wanted.”

“Then as you get older, you get into this space where you’re like ‘OK I can come back and do a show like this or release a pop song’ and it can be on my own terms [and] it doesn’t have to be dictated by some guy in a suit telling me what to sing. Like, I can drop this song like I did last week for my girlfriend, or I can work on an album to release what I want to actually release. But to be embraced by my home country again is the best feeling in the world, you have no idea.”

On his Masked Singer song choices & whether he picked a Miley Cyrus song on purpose:

“I picked a lot of female artists that I’d usually never cover, like live I’ll do Elvis or Sting or something, but I’ll never do Gaga or Kylie or these artists.  I just figured if I was in this robot suit and no one knew it was me, why wouldn’t I just have fun with it.”

“Yeah, Miley’s song was on the list and I wanted to make it a medley with ‘Jolene’, coz I love that song too. I was heavily involved with the direction of the stuff I was singing. I was excited about that but it was kind of funny that it aired when it did because everyone was like ‘Oh we know it’s him now!'”

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On whether he knew Lindsay Lohan was going to be a judge:

“I did sign before I knew who the judges were and then I saw Lindsay [was going to be on the show] and that was funny based on our history.”

And on what furniture Lindsay gifted him:

“Well basically I was living in this house in Venice, I had this kind of beach shack there near Venice Beach, and I had been living there for a couple of years and I was seeing her sister [Ali Lohan] for a short period at that time and she was staying there with me. I was sleeping on a mattress on the floor because that was the vibe of the house and I loved it.

And she [Ali] was like ‘you can’t be sleeping on a mattress, you need to have a bed frame’ and I was like ‘nah, I’m cool, I like this’. She was like ‘Lindsay is going to order you this stuff’ but it never ended up coming and we didn’t know where it went.”

Lindsay Lohan The Masked Singer

“When I found out she was on the show it was just a really funny thing, we’ve been texting since the show ended and we’re cool! We’re all cool.”

On his next plans:

“I am going back to LA to finish my album and that’s going to come out. I’ll hopefully drop a single early next year and have an album mid-next year. I’m really, really excited about this album it’s going to be my first solo adult album so I’m really stoked to finish it up and it’s sounding very fresh.”