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Ella Ding Has Spilt More Tea On Mitch, Tamara & Whether She’d Do ‘The Bachelorette’

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Ella Ding was an absolute fan favourite on this year’s Married at First Sight.

While her relationship with Mitch Eynaud was often turbulent, Ella kept her head, was calm, graceful, and a super supportive and loyal friend especially to Dom Calarco in the wake of the leaked OnlyFans scandal.

Since MAFS has wrapped, Ella’s faced a lot of questions: what the hell happened with Mitch? Are she and Brent an item? Will she do The Bachelorette?

Thankfully, Ella’s done a huge interview series with Megan Pustetto of So Dramatic! and answered some of these burning questions.

Ella said things fizzled out with Mitch after the reunion.

Ella said Mitch started acting distant as soon as the show wrapped filming the reunion, saying he was vague about his impending birthday plans.

“We didn’t really talk much,” Ella told So Dramatic!. “It did start to sort of fizzle.”

Ella said Mitch told her he wasn’t keen on doing anything for his birthday, before then organising a shindig without letting her know. She then continued that the couple didn’t speak for a number of days, after deciding not to contact Mitch to “see what happens”.  “It was radio silence,” she said.

Mitch apparently then blew up when Ella and Brent were spotted at the beach together in some pap pics (where Dom was conveniently cut out) with articles claiming Ella and Brent were now together.

“I tried to call him, he blocked my calls. I tried to text him,” Ella said. “He was saying, ‘we’re not friends, we’re done’.” She then said since the photos of herself and Brent were published, she’s only heard from Mitch once via a missed call.

Mitch had also spent some time planting seeds of doubt in Ella’s mind, via his connection with Tamara.

It all kicked off when Mitch told Ella that he recognised Tamara as someone who had been watching his Instagram stories prior to being on MAFS.

Mitch and Tamara had apparently also worked in the same building before the show too, with Ella citing that they “have a lot of mutual friends”. “I wouldn’t be surprised,” Ella said, when questioned whether the two knew each other prior. “They deserve each other.”

There was also a prank played on Ella during the show that didn’t make it to air, about Mitch grabbing Tamara’s butt in the pool on couples retreat. Ella said Tamara made the claims during dinner to stir up some drama because Mitch and Ella hadn’t been involved in all that much drama.

Mitch denied the allegation at the time, but Ella then said she later learned the comment was a prank conjured up between Mitch, Samantha, and Tamara. “I thought it was Tamara just making shit up,” Ella said, saying Tamara then tried to apologise saying it was just her sense of humour.

“I was like… I just don’t think that’s very funny,” Ella said.

And if you’re holding out hope of Ella being our next Bachelorette (and what a good one she’d be), don’t hold your breath:

“I don’t think it’s for me,” Ella said. “I feel like it might be a bit of a step down from MAFS to be honest. I don’t know yet, it’s too much for my brain right now.”

You can listen to Ella’s full interview right here.