gilmore girls april nardini

It’s Time To Admit That April Nardini Didn’t Destroy ‘Gilmore Girls’

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Nothing will divide a group of Gilmore Girls fans like asking if they’re Team Jess or Team Logan. And nothing will unite that same group more than the subject of April Nardini, or more specifically, everyone agreeing they despise the character.

April is one of the most hated TV characters of all time, even more so than Rory’s married ex Dean (yuck!) which baffles me.

April is often blamed for the (short-term) demise of Lorelai and Luke on the show: a TV relationship that is deeply beloved. It took Lorelai and Luke four seasons to start dating, which was a painfully long time to wait considering that anyone could see they were perfect for each other. They always leaned on one another, their banter was unmatched, and they just had so much chemistry.

They dated throughout Season 5 before getting engaged, and by Season 6 Lorelai and Luke were planning their wedding.

Everything appeared to be heading in the right direction.

Then this happened.

gilmore girls april nardini

April Nardini arrived to inform Luke that she was his daughter. She entered his DNA in a science fair in order to find her biological father and after doing some tests, she discovered Luke was a match. Luke would go on to hide April’s identity from Lorelai for two months, then ban Lorelai from meeting his daughter, or help pick out her birthday gift, and by the end of Season 6, Lorelai and Luke broke up.

Fans attribute their split to April’s arrival, but I reckon April actually didn’t do anything wrong.

I’m here to speak my truth: April shouldn’t cop so much hate, April is actually fine.

Luke broke up Luke and Lorelai — not April.

The way Luke handled finding out about April was unhinged — it’s one the biggest grudges I have about the series. He was secretive and dismissive towards Lorelai, disregarding her feelings, while not acknowledging she would have a better idea of raising a teen girl than him.

All the while, April was just chilling. She didn’t force herself on Lorelai, but she was always open and kind. She wasn’t their relationship roadblock, Luke’s stubbornness and inability to communicate was.

April’s mum Anna is much worse than April.

April often gets painted with the same stroke as her mum Anna, but they’re very different people. If anyone is a villain here, it should be Anna. She was the one that didn’t tell Luke he had a daughter, and never apologised for it. She was awful to Lorelai when she visited her clothing shop after April’s birthday party, telling her that unless she married Luke, she wouldn’t accept Lorelai in April’s life.

This then led to Lorelai giving Luke an ultimatum that unless he married her, they were over — which eventually led to them splitting (although Lorelai banging Christopher didn’t help).

Yeah, she’s annoying, but so is everyone else.

OK, I get it. April talks A LOT. And she talks really fast. But do you know who else talks a lot and really fast? The show’s title characters Lorelai and her daughter Rory. Sookie can also be way too extra. Luke has his bad moments when he’s stuck in his many emo phases. Add to this Logan is entitled, Dean is so damn boring, and Jess is a loose cannon.

Gilmore Girls is all about annoying characters, who we love in spite of their many faults. April actually fits in perfectly.

So I say, leave April alone! How can we be hating on April when Dean is RIGHT THERE.