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Ranking Hannah Montana’s Songs By How Much They Still Slap

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In news that’s guaranteed to make you feel old, Hannah Montana premiered on the Disney Channel a whopping 16 years ago. Yep, don’t worry, I’ll give you a second to process that information…

In celebration of the 15th anniversary last year, Miley Cyrus penned (yes, literally penned) a note to her alter-ego, in which she thanks her for all those years of her life. You can check out the (very lengthy) note here:

I thought it was time to take a look back on some of the most iconic Hannah Montana moments by ranking her most legendary hits. 

Here’s A Ranking Of Songs From Hannah Montana That Still Slap To This Day

#20. ‘Supergirl’ (Season 3)

Rumour has it, Disney executives heard this song and then immediately asked Hannah Montana if she could play all of the Marvel characters. Hannah Montana allegedly said that she would never participate in such a task in order to stay true to her pop queen roots. 

#19. ‘Wherever I Go’ (Season 4)

The ending of Hannah Montana was always going to be emotional. But, adding a heartfelt, moving ballad about cherishing the memories for the rest of your life? Well, bring on the damn waterworks!

#18. ‘The Other Side of Me’ (Season 1)

The Hannah Montana season one soundtrack is back-to-back hits and this pop-rock, autotuned sensation is no exception. This song was the sole reason that I went through an introspective period of my life because I was so desperate to have “another side to me”. Plot twist: I didn’t. 

#17. ‘Just Like You’ (Season 1)

In this song, Hannah Montana claims that she is “just like you” (with you being the listener of the song). Now, this was one of the earlier moments in my life where I interacted with a blatant lie. Praise must be given to Hannah Montana for introducing the concept of lying to children. Ugh, her impact. 

#16. ‘I Got Nerve’ (Season 1)

Hannah Montana had the nerve and all I had was a tendency to constantly be nervous. OK, inspirational queen!

#15. ‘Let’s Get Crazy’ (Hannah Montana: The Movie)

‘Let’s Get Crazy’ was a real moment for Hannah Montana! With its use of camera sound effects, this song was perfect for any kind of main character montage you were living out in your own head. Unfortunately the rest of the instrumental kind of let down the potential that this song had. 

#14. ‘Ice Cream Freeze’ (Let’s Chill) (Season 3)

Disney struck gold with ‘Hoedown Throwdown’ and they absolutely wanted to tap into that success again. As a result, we get Hannah Montana’s version of the country tune with ice-cream imagery. Not gonna lie, it would make for an excellent TikTok trend right about now. 

#13. ‘Pumpin’ Up the Party’ (Season 1)

Electric guitars, vinyl scratches, and soulful vocals? Disney must have had no clue how to box Hannah Montana into one genre so they made her do it all. And hey, it worked! 

#12. ‘Life’s What You Make It’ (Season 2)

The second season of Hannah Montana really pivoted to inspirational imagery. And let me tell you, I was inspired. I can’t even describe to you how much the line “With a new attitude, everything can change” resonated with me. Still does. 

#11. ‘Ohhh, Yeahhh, Ohhh’ (The Interludes)

@courtneyrichardson_##greenscreen ##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupage ##PremiosJuventudChallenge ##NatureVibes ##SummerWorkout ##GreekFreakOut ##viral ##trending♬ Hannah Montana transition music – april

Okay, okay. I know this isn’t a real song but hear me out. The transitions on Hannah Montana were sonically better than most of the songs written by your favourite artist. There I said it.

@imanmcgaryWhen something good happens vs when something bad happens in Hannah Montana #JustDanceMoves #hannahmontana #foryoupage #foryou @lizzie_kline♬ original sound – Iman Mcgary

I can’t believe that it took a TikTok resurgence for us to really understand how powerful these transitions were. 

#10. ‘Gonna Get This’ (feat. Iyaz) (Season 4)

Ooohhhhhh, now we’re getting into the good stuff! When I first came across this song, I was shook. The glossy production, the blaring horns, the R&B flavour in this song? It was unlike anything Hannah Montana had done before! And shockingly, she was doing it better than most of her pop peers. 

#9. ‘The Bone Dance’ (Season 2)

Now, word of warning, this will be the last tune on this list that you can’t stream on streaming services. ‘The Bone Dance’ was more than an acapella song, it was a cultural reset.

Let’s cast your mind back to Season 2 when Miley Stewart was struggling to study for her test so she wrote a parody of her own song to remember things easier. Like… c’mon. Queen of inventing unconventional studying habits! 

#8. ‘Who Said’ (Season 1)

There’s something so powerful about a 13-year-old pop star breaking down the concept of limitations to young adolescent women. And that’s all I’ll say about this song. 

#7. ‘We Got the Party’ (feat. Jonas Brothers) (Season 2)

Not only did Miley Cyrus share the spotlight with two other iconic Disney Channel vocalists, but she absolutely annihilated them. The fact that Nick Jonas and Miley are now exes just makes this annihilation even more iconic. 

#6. ‘He Could Be The One’ (Season 3)

Carrie Underwood wishes she had a country song this powerful. If this song is proof of anything, it’s that Miley Cyrus’ voice was evolving and reaching new highs as the seasons progressed. 

#5. ‘You’ll Always Find Your Way Back Home’ (Hannah Montana: The Movie)

Hannah Montana: The Movie could have easily ended after the climactic ‘The Climb’ moment, but that wouldn’t be the Disney way, now would it? After the very intense and emotional scene, Hannah Montana comes through with this country-pop, karaoke-essential that gives the audience more serotonin that their bodies could handle. 

#4. ‘If We Were a Movie’ (Season 1)

Okay, so now we’re into the classics. ‘If We Were A Movie’ evokes Fearless-era Taylor Swift, it’s that good. The pop/rock groove mixed with the country songwriting style made for imagery that was so poignant and effective, we too thought we were living out a movie romance.

#3. ‘Rock Star’ (Season 2)

On top of being a generally 10/10 song, this track taught me and my peers to be proud of our unconventional talents. Was I good at Tai Chi? No. Was I good at snowboarding? No. Was I a rock star? No. But, was I good at The Sims? You betcha. Thanks for teaching me to be proud of that Hannah!

#2. ‘The Best of Both Worlds’ (Theme Song)

OK, this song. Wow, I’m getting emotional.

This song goes down in history as an essential dance-floor filler and I couldn’t be happier. Up there with ‘Uptown Funk’ & ‘Crazy In Love’, ‘The Best Of Both Worlds’ is a danceable cathartic experience and for that, I am grateful that this will play at clubs and weddings until the day I die.

#1. ‘Nobody’s Perfect’ (Season 2)

‘Nobody’s Perfect’ – and I can not stress this enough – is pop perfection.

Every element of this song is perfect. The lyrics were exactly what we wanted to hear as adolescents who were trying to find our place in the world. Sonically, it marked a departure from the Breakaway-esque pop/rock sound she was known for and showcased an artist who was willing to experiment with different sounds. And vocally, Miley was on the come up.

It was just win-win-win and marked a moment of ‘oh, this isn’t just some Disney show, this is a cultural movement’. 

For more on Hannah Montana, let’s reflect on her style… or lack thereof.

This article has been updated since it was originally published.