harry potter playstation one

Some Genius Has Made The Harry Potter Movie Poster Using The PS1 Characters & It’s Hilarious

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The Harry Potter PS1 game was as addictive as it was cursed. If you played it growing up, you’ll probably still have fond memories of it but also remember the characters being absolutely terrifying pixelated messes to look at.

There was something chilling about the way Harry would run around, wand out, moving glitchily as though he was running underwater. And if you let out a small scream every time Hagrid’s smashed head would pop up on the screen, you weren’t the only one.

Image result for Hagrid Playstation one harry potter

And then there was Dumbledore, with his animated bushy eyebrows taking up his whole face. Did he even have eyes? Hard to say.

Most of the characters looked like something straight out of my monthly nightmares, and it didn’t help with dialogue like this:

harry potter playstation one

Twitter user @KaneUnable recently shared a Harry Potter film poster he created, only using assets and character models found in the PS1 game. “I’m not sure why I did it, but it’s happened,” they tweeted.

And it’s truly a work of art:

Honestly, it looks like it should be one of those Netflix thrillers that are so bad, they’re good.

harry potter ps1 game

It gets the absolute tick of approval from me.

harry potter playstation one

Me showing my gratitude.

The jokes don’t end there. If you still need cheering up this morning, take a look at the follow-up artwork:

When he hung that picture up and stepped back to admire it, I felt that.

BRB, off to find my old copy of the Harry Potter PS1 game and pray that it still works.