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‘Home & Away’ Has Resumed Filming & The Cast Are Sharing Hilarious Socially Distant Pics

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Good news Summer Bay fans! Home and Away has resumed filming for the first time since Covid-19 hit and if that means I have to stay 1.5 metres away from Tane Parata, it’s a sacrifice I am willing to make.

The show halted filming and had many fans worried about what it meant for the future of the 2020 season. Would Jasmine ever get her shit together? Would Maggie and Ben eventually reconcile? Would Ziggy and Dean ever adopt me?

Thankfully, the Home and Away cast are back on set and filming, but are keeping their respectful social distance.

Sure, I’ve never seen these four in a scene together in my entire life, but go off.

Even the two unluckiest ladies in Summer Bay managed to be all smiles.

Looks like Ryder’s dad is still alive here too, so good news there.

Since Rona hit, I’ve become an avid watcher of Home and Away again, maybe also due to the lack of reality TV in my life. While I didn’t want to be left in the lurch for the 2020 storylines, I’m not gonna lie: I was kinda hoping any break in filming would mean that Channel 7 would just air the entire 2005 Summer Bay Stalker storyline again.

There’s a free idea for you Home and Away, just in case you need it.