The Bachelors Ben Wesley Luke ratings

‘The Bachelors’ Are A Ratings Flop, So Can We Have ‘The Bachelorette’ Now?

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The Bachelors has debuted to the lowest ratings ever, but I’m still holding out hope for the tired franchise. 

The dating show’s newest season – which previously spawned celeb couples like Matty J and Laura Byrne and fast-tracked Abbie Chatfield’s media career – hasn’t been embraced by viewers. I can’t help but wonder if producers had gone for a Golden Bachelor or fed us with a Bachelorette season, people would be more willing to tune in.

It’s not just that it’s the Bachelor, again, but did we have to have three leads? Ben, Wesley and Luke seem nice enough – though a bit awkward and inexperienced – but this trio-format didn’t work in January this year, so why is the network trying it again? 

The Bachelors premiere debuted to a metro audience of 224,000 and reached a total audience of just 319,000. The last season, which was a bit of a flop, launched in January 2023 to 309,000 metro viewers. Yikes.

The Bachelors Ben Wesley Luke ratings

Ben, Luke and Wesley are the newest Bachie trio. Image credits: Channel 10, The Bachelors

Channel 10 has said that they’re confident that the much-loved dating show will build viewership over the season, as many fans will use 10 Play to catch up. “That’s why we’re providing access to the shows on 10 Play before the broadcast on 10,” a spokesperson told

While I’d rather not have another three leads, I get the feeling that Ben, Wesley and Luke will make for more interesting TV than Jed, Thomas and Felix. Luke is so wholesome and I’m hoping for an epic romance that actually lasts for once. Could we see Jimmy and Holly version 2? 

Ben is a hot mess who appears to be unable to hold a conversation, but fans are eating his awkward behaviour up. When he came into the Punkee studio he seemed… normal, so I’m not sure what went down in the Bachie mansion. 

And finally, Wesley. The theology-lover who has never had sex or a girlfriend. I reckon a chocolate bath date would go down a treat for darling Wes. 

All the ingredients for awkward, insane and cringe reality TV are there, so we just have to wait and see if they can serve up a tasty season. But after the first episode, I’m more enamoured with Mckenna than any of the dudes. 

The silver lining? I’m convinced Mckenna will absolutely become the next Bachelorette. If this entire season is just to give her a platform and launch her to the public, I will gladly watch every second. 


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