The Bachelors Australia 2023 Ben Waddell Wesley Senna Cortes Luke Bateman Episode 1 McKenna Ellie

“He’s Horny.” The Best Tweets From The Premiere Of ‘The Bachelors’

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We’ve been blessed with a new season of The Bachelors. Like a Christmas present that you didn’t ask for, Channel 10 decided to launch its new season early for some insane reason. Move over Jed, Thomas and Felix – there’s a new trio in town. And one of them has never had a girlfriend before. So, yep, we’re in for a doozy. 

The first ep teased a moment from later in the show that I’ve been dying to see since the trailer was released, where two Bachies are hugging outside while crying. It’s been about 30 seconds, but I’m already hooked. 

The three men are your cookie-cutter Bachies, and here’s all you need to know about them: Ben Waddell, who casually dropped the info that he’s a model, loves the environment and apparently has beef with Zac Efron

Former NRL player Luke Bateman is your typical country bloke – he’s literally a lumberjack. Oh, and he loves to write poetry… but could there be some warning signs that he’s not as wholesome as he seems? He was previously engaged to jockey Kayla Nisbet, but we’ve yet to find out why that was called off. 

And then we have Wesley Senna Cortes, the Brazillian smooth talker who loves clumsy women… and theology. He’s never had a girlfriend, so assuming he’ll be chill dating 24 women at once is a huge call by the producers.

The Bachelors Australia 2023 Ben Waddell Wesley Senna Cortes Luke Bateman Episode 1 McKenna Ellie

McKenna caught the eye of all the Bachelors. Image credit: Channel 10, The Bachelors

The format of having three Bachelors means there’s an opportunity for a love triangle, a love square, or a love… pentagon? “There [are] definitely some love shapes, I suppose we can say,” Luke tells Punkee. “You’ll have to tune in to find out,” Ben teases. Almost instantly, the trio have zeroed in on McKenna, so we’ve got a fight on our hands.

Later in the episode, Luke appears to have found his perfect match in Ellie. Who’s gonna tell him that it’s Day One and the whole premise of the show is to keep viewers wondering who he’s going to end up with? At the rate they’re moving, they’ll be married in Episode 2. 

I’m also positive that Lisa is this year’s villain, considering she kept making snide comments in the background – like when she called herself the “hottest” person in the room – so she’s bound to create some drama. 

Without further ado, here’s The Bachelors Episode 1 recapped by the funniest tweets:

I fear that The Bachelors is about to become my whole personality. Godspeed.

Image credits: Channel 10, The Bachelors