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Jeffree Star Posted The Worst Apology Ever & It’s Become A Hilarious Meme

Over the weekend, Jeffree Star finally broke his silence over the explosive tea Tati Westbrook spilt earlier this month, giving one of the worst apologies the internet has ever witnessed.

The apology came after weeks of radio silence from the YouTube star, despite Tati posting a video claiming that both Jeffree and Shane Dawson had “coerced and manipulated” her into uploading her infamous ‘Bye Sister’ video attacking fellow influencer, James Charles.

During Jeffree’s apology, he randomly spoke about the Black Lives Matter movement — without acknowledging his own history of making racist comments — and in the same breath, he plugged his makeup line.

If you haven’t watched, check it out below:

“I’ve been silent for a very long time, and I know that’s very rare for me,” Jeffree began. “I’ve taken a lot of time to do a lot of self-reflection. Now in the past, I have been guilty of speaking out of anger, out of frustration, out of my emotions.”

Jeffree addressed James in the short 10-minute video. “I would personally like to apologise to James Charles for the words that I’ve said and for my actions,” he said. “If I was really close with someone, I should have had the ability to simply call them and ask and say, ‘Hey these are the things that are being said to me.’”

He then deflected the blame onto others.

I let people really gas me up and get me going behind the scenes and I really fell for a lot of things, and I got really caught up in the hype.” Yeah, sure Jan. 

The consensus online is that Jeffree’s apology was a load of BS, with the makeup guru just bringing up other issues to deflect taking any responsibility.

People on Twitter can’t help but make Jeffree’s entire lacklustre apology into loads of memes.

Here are the best memes from Jeffree Star’s apology: