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Ben Got Eliminated From ‘Junior MasterChef’ & Viewers Are Not Coping

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On last night’s episode of Junior MasterChef, season favourite Ben Bolton was eliminated — and fans are not quite coping.

It all came about during a winter wonderland themed-episode as Carter, Ben, Filo, Georgia, Tiffany, Ruby, and Laura competed in a two-round challenge. First, the talented kids had to identify different flavoured ice creams, and then went head-to-head in a pressure test set by pastry chef Darren Purchese. In a daunting task, they had to recreate Purchese’s snow globe in 90 minutes. The results were incredibly impressive and made me feel even more inadequate as a person who ate half a tub of Nutella for dessert.

Sadly, Ben and Ruby’s dishes were the least like Purchese’s in terms of flavour, texture, and presentation, so they were sent home.

Ben’s departure has devastated fans who fell in love with him and his unwavering enthusiasm. From the moment he was on screen, Ben always had a beaming smile and was absolutely hilarious to watch. From saying what we were all thinking, to consistently being kind and helpful to his competition, we simply did not deserve Ben.

As Junior MasterChef finals week kicks off, Ben will be sorely missed.

Viewers aren’t coping with Ben’s elimination in Junior MasterChef:

But there’s always a silver lining…

Junior MasterChef finals week continues tonight at 7:30pm on Channel 10.