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Which Love Island 2018 Couples Are Still Together?

As the second season of Love Island nears, we started wondering what the hell happened to all the couples from the 2018 season.

Tbh it all feels like a distant memory. I have hazy visions of glistening tanned bodies, pumped-up muscles, fruity cocktails and metallic swimwear as far as the eye can see. What a time to be alive and attractive!

But did Love Island actually form any genuine connections between the contestants? We’ve scanned the interwebs and ngl, the results are…extremely grim.

Here’s an update on the Love Island 2018 couples who are still together:

Tayla & Grant

Relationship status: Split

The winners of Love Island did not last long. True love is a lie, etc. During the series, rumours were circulating that Grant actually had a girlfriend and when the couple emerged from the villa victorious, Tayla soon found out the rumours were absolutely true and they split. Awks.

Tayla & Dom

Relationship status: Split

A couple that did last a bit longer was Tayla and her rebound, fellow Love Island contestant Dom. The pair confirmed they were dating about three months after Tayla split with Grant. But alas, it wasn’t meant to be and the couple called it quits in June this year via a YouTube clip on their shared channel…which is super normal.

Erin & Eden

Relationship status: Split

These two didn’t exactly go the distance, calling it quits last September, roughly three months after getting together. Erin is now seeing Mick Russell while Eden has famously been dating Married at First Sight’s Cyrell Paule and the two are expecting a baby together. Life changes fast, huh.

Shelby & Dom

Relationship status: Split

Scoring fourth place in the finale, shortly after the show wrapped up the couple confirmed they had mutually decided to just be friends. How wholesome!

Milly & Mark

Relationship status: Split

If you forgot these two were ever a couple, well, same. The pair might have only placed fifth in the Love Island finale but their relationship outlasted most of the others, the couple only splitting in March this year.

Amelia & Josh

Relationship status: Still together

Thank the lord for Amelia and Josh. They may have merely placed third in the Love Island finale but they are the only couple from the show that’s still going strong. They both post loads of cute ‘grams together and recently celebrate their one-year anniversary. Bless them.

Let’s pray the 2019 series has a better track record.