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20 Perfect ‘Love Island UK’ Memes From The Glorious Finale

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They say it’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all, and that about sums up my sentiments over the Love Island UK finale.

I may be grieving, but while I’m sad that it’s over — I’m grateful that it happened.

After two months of fun in the sun (in Spain, not Australia where the weather has been beyond grim), the season wrapped up this week. This year’s cast have brought it all: strong relationships have formed, friendships have flourished, an icon was born in Ekin-Su, and some of the boys (Luca and Dami) have taught us how not to treat women.

Before I go on, this post contains obvious spoilers about which couple won, so if you don’t want to know, exit this browser window now! But also, why did you click on this article you absolute loose unit, you?!

OK, now that we’re in a safe space, I am ELATED with the couple voted the Love Island winners. Ekin-Su and Davide won by a goddamn landslide, receiving 63 percent of the public vote, which truly eclipsed the other three finalist couples.

Gemma and Luca placed runner-up, in front of Indiyah and Dami in third, and Tasha and Andrew in fourth position. In the final episode, before the results were revealed the couples read love letters to each other. In one of the most heartfelt moments, the series’ first deaf contestant, Tasha,  gushed over her partner Andrew for removing her cochlear implant for her at night.

I’m not crying, you are.

However, it would be hard to argue that any couple deserved their spot on the podium more than Ekin-Su and Davide: the mum and dad of the villa. These two provided all the entertainment, the funniest moments, and the most drama. The standout moment from the season — and possibly any season — is still Davide saying that Ekin-Su was “a liar, actress,” after she was caught out snogging Jay on the terrace while still coupled up with the Italian stallion.


The couple eventually rekindled their romance and the two icons even told each other ‘I love you’ in the most recent episodes. Before the winner was announced, Ekin-Su reflected on meeting Davide. “It feels so surreal, finding the man of your dreams… I’m lost for words,” she told host, Laura.

The couple will share the £50,000 prize money. Honestly, I’m still not ready to accept that I can no longer switch on 9Go and see Ekin-Su light up my TV every night.

Thankfully, these funny memes inspired by the finale ease some of the pain.

The best memes from the Love Island UK finale:





















The pain is real.