MAFS 2024: Do Eden And Jayden Stay Together?

MAFS 2024: Do Eden And Jayden Stay Together?

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Any other entertainment journos will be delighted to hear that we are nearly at the end of this season of Married At First Sight. It’s been over 30 episodes, two cheating scandals and so many jaw-dropping moments that I lost count by the third wedding.

But as we draw to a close, it’s time to place our bets on the couples that are actually going to make it beyond the experiment. 

The odds are absolutely not in favour of the brides and grooms from the show – with MAFS’ success rate being rather abysmal – but there’s always at least a handful of pairs that say ‘I do’ again at final vows and give things a red hot go in the real world.

But do Eden and Jayden make that list? Let’s investigate.

MAFS 2024:Are Eden and Jayden still together?

Eden and Jayden started out as one of the strongest couples on the show, immediately attracted to one another at their wedding and settling into married life together pretty quickly. Jayden was the first to say he was falling in love, they were chitchatting about plans post-experiment, it was all looking so damn good.

And then Jayden really fumbled at handling Eden’s mental health.

Eden has been open about struggling with anxiety, particularly when it comes to confrontation at the MAFS dinner parties and on the commitment ceremony couches (two of the most intensely confrontational places on the planet). 

Jayden was trying to ‘overcommunicate’ with Eden, on the expert’s guidance, pushing her to open up on the couch and tackle issues head on – which made Eden recoil even further. She stated to the experts that she felt like she was “losing” her voice in the experiment and that she had to agree with Jayden in order to get out of a conflicting conversation.

MAFS 2024: Do Eden And Jayden Stay Together?

Image credit: Nine

Jayden, to his credit, had a bit of a ‘come to Jesus’ moment after hearing that and realised that he was trying to be perfect in a relationship and that was crushing Eden’s confidence. The two then remedied their dynamic and seem to have gotten their shit together ahead of final vows.

But do they last beyond their second fake altar? The answer seems to be… yes.

Looking at the evidence, however, it hasn’t been smooth sailing. A source spoke to Yahoo Lifestyle to reveal: “They’ve already broken up four times since the show finished filming and while Eden still has feelings for Jayden, he isn’t into her.”

However, a different insider told the same outlet that the pair are still “very much together in real life”. Confusing, huh?!

“Yes, they’ve broken up since ending the experiment but they are currently together and better than ever,” the source confirmed.

Beyond rumours and sources, there’s been some photo ‘evidence’ thrown around too. And we have Eden’s dog Cub to thank for that. 

You see Jayden’s brother (and previous MAFS groom) Mitch shared a picture on his Instagram posing with a golden retriever, and now I’ve stared at this photo side-by-side with a definite pic of Cub, I’m SURE this is the same dog.

mafs still together 2024 couples

May I present… the same dog. Image credit: @mafsuncensored

And just when my eyeballs were getting knackered from staring at these pictures, darling gossip account @mafsuncensored confirmed that this was in fact Cub in Mitch’s selfie. Why else would Mitch be hanging out with Eden’s dog if Eden wasn’t still dating Jayden?

…My mind just jumped to the theory that perhaps Eden and Mitch are now dating, but I absolutely cannot process that information through my pea brain so stop thinking about that immediately. 

So my money is on Jayden and Eden still being together after Married At First Sight, at least for now. 

Image credit: Nine + Punkee