Which Of The MAFS 2024 Couples Are Still Together?

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I know we’re approximately three minutes into the newest season of Married At First Sight, but there are already theories floating around about which of the brides and grooms are still together, so we NEED TO DISCUSS. 

For those who aren’t across the whackadoo timings, MAFS is actually filmed during Aussie winter (wrapping around August 2023) so there’s been a solid six months since the couples recorded their final vows. Since then they’ve likely been in hiding as the Married At First Sight contestant contracts require them to keep quiet and off social media so they don’t spoil the ending of the show.

But that doesn’t mean that sneaky little slices of information slip through the cracks. Paparazzi have snapped pictures of some of the brides and grooms and any whiff of drama often gets leaked to the tabloids, which means we can start piecing together the information and get a sense of which MAFS couples are still standing. 

So, please enjoy my compelling theories as to which MAFS 2024 couples actually make it. 

Married At First Sight 2024: Are Jayden and Eden still together?

mafs jayden eden still together

Despite a shonky editing flop where it seemed producers were trying to generate some drama around Jayden’s day job, Eden and Jayden hit it off instantly on their wedding day. They then swung from strength to strength, with Jayden proposing to Eden on their honeymoon because they didn’t get the chance to do it in real life before they got hitched.

The gossip mill seems pretty certain that Jayden and Eden are still together, making them a rare success story to spurt from MAFS. And what evidence do we have to prove their romance? Well, we have Eden’s dog Cub to thank for that. 

You see Jayden’s brother (and previous MAFS groom) Mitch shared a picture on his instagram posing with a golden retriever, and now I’ve stared at this photo side-by-side with a definite pic of Cub, I’m SURE this is the same dog.

mafs still together 2024 couples

May I present… the same dog. Image credit: @mafsuncensored

And just when my eyeballs were getting knackered from staring at these pictures, darling gossip account @mafsuncensored confirmed that this was in fact Cub in Mitch’s selfie. Why else would Mitch be hanging out with Eden’s dog if Eden wasn’t still dating Jayden?

My mind also just jumped to the theory that perhaps Eden and Mitch are now dating, but I absolutely cannot process that information through my pea brain so STOP THINKING ABOUT IT PLS. 

Married At First Sight 2024: Are Natalie and Collins still together?

mafs collins natalie still together

I had so much hope for these guys. Tagged as ‘fellow nerds’, I was sure they would provide the innocent love story that MAFS has needed to show it’s cleaned up its terrible track record. But alas, it seems Natalie and Collins are headed for disaster. 

It was clear from their wedding night that Collins was a little overwhelmed by the whole process – there was a lot of heavy breathing and ‘what did I just do?’ panics immediately after he’d shared his vows with Natalie. In my very unprofessional opinion, I actually think this has nothing to do with Natalie and everything to do with the mayhem that is marrying a total stranger on TV.

Collins was freaking out and I don’t think he ever get out of that headspace for long enough to give his relationship a proper go. At least that’s what Collins’ good mate Jesse Burford says.

mafs jesse burford

Jesse on his own MAFS wedding day. Image credit: Nine

Yep, Collins and previous MAFS groom Jesse are friends and Jesse let it slip in a now-deleted Instagram comment that Collins was “horrified and saddened with his time on the show” and he felt like he was “railroaded, set up and backstabbed by producers and the experts”. Yikes. 

I was hoping Natalie and Collins didn’t come to an explosive end, but by the sounds of that quote I’m going to duck for cover. 

Married At First Sight 2024: Are Lucinda and Timothy still together?

mafs lucinda timothy still together

If Lucinda isn’t already your favourite bride on this show, you’re doing MAFS wrong. She floated onto our screens with the unhinged peacefulness you can only find in Byron Bay and brought a literal chicken wing to her wedding ceremony to bless the relationship. If this isn’t the TV we need in 2024, I don’t know what is.

Lucinda has been matched with Timothy, a real estate dude from Melbourne. While they have some common ground – no kids, a taste for adventure, similar ages, etc – there seemed to be a bit of hesitation from Tim. He liked Lucinda, but he didn’t want to “rub her body like a damsel” as she politely requested in her vows. 

While I think they’re going to ‘try’ on the show and go through the motions of the experiment, it doesn’t look like they are each other’s happily ever after. 

Lucinda works as a wedding celebrant and her work is quite well-publicised across the internet as she gives prospective clients regular updates. One intriguing bit of info was that she’s moving to Sydney. 

“I’m currently in Victoria & moving to sunny Sydney beginning of March. I’m taking enquiries & would love to MC your party too,” she wrote on Instagram.

Instantly I’m thinking, she’s moving from Victoria (where her groom lives) to Sydney (away from where her groom lives). So unless both of them are shaking things up and relocating to Sydney, I have a feeling that these two don’t last beyond the show…

Married At First Sight 2024: Are Sara and Tim still together?

mafs sara tim still together

I have scoured the internet to find out information on these two and there is nothing. Not a peep. But based on how things have gone on their wedding day and honeymoon, I’m not brave enough to back this couple as one that makes it beyond the show.

And I don’t want to burden them with more bad luck, but in the trailer for this season, you can see that John Aiken kicks someone off MAFS for bad behaviour. My bet is that it’s either Sara or Tim who gets the flick. 

Married At First Sight 2024: Are Tori and Jack still together?

mafs tori jack still together

Dear god, I hope not. 

Jack arrived on this season of MAFS with approximately 84 red flags. The first one being that his ‘edit’ echoed that of Harrison Boon’s edit, which is about as big of an insult you can give a groom. Despite that introduction, his bride, Tori, seemed to rather like him. Each to their own!

They hit a few roadblocks on their honeymoon, with Jack admitting that he wasn’t that sexually attracted to Tori. And while those feelings can come a little later, Jack was adamant that if he doesn’t feel that spark straight away then the connection is dead in the water. 

But it looks like they managed to turn it around because it appears that Tori and Jack are very much still together.

The giveaway? Tori posted a series of pictures to her Instagram Story of her celebrating Christmas with Jack and her family, captioning the post, “Heart and belly full this Christmas”. 

mafs tori and jack still together?

Tori and Jack together at Christmas. Image credit: Yahoo

For those frantically trying to do the MAFS maths, Christmas comes after filming has wrapped, so this means that Tori and Jack likely say ‘I Do’ at the final vows. 

Just to further cement the they’re-still-together theory, Jack follows Tori’s best friend Lea on Instagram. Yep, that Lea that was super suspicious of Jack during their wedding day. So if the bestie approves, it must be legit. 

Image credit: Nine Network