Bronte Schofield Harrison Boon MAFS Married at first sight onlyfans

Apparently Harrison From ‘MAFS’ Wanted To Do OnlyFans With Bronte

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MAFS’ Bronte Schofield has exposed her ex-husband Harrison Boon after he mouthed off with a controversial opinion about OnlyFans. ICYMI, Bronte, launched her OnlyFans in June, and most people were stoked to see her making some serious cash.

At the time, Harrison shared a couple of snaps on Instagram saying that he could’ve joined OnlyFans, but would prefer to have parents who were “proud” of him. “Selling nudes to strangers for money is kinda gross idgaf what anyone says,” he added. Hmm. The man doth protest too much, methinks. 

Bronte Schofield Harrison Boon MAFS Married at first sight onlyfans

Harrison Boon and Bronte Schofield on MAFS. Image credit: Channel 9, MAFS

In a new interview on Nova’s podcast Back To Reality with Selina Chhaur and Taku Chimwaza, Bronte dropped a massive bombshell. According to the reality TV star, Harrison actually asked her to join OnlyFans with him while they lived in Skye Suites together during MAFS filming. Mind. Blown.

“[Harrison] goes, ‘I have always wanted to do OnlyFans… would you do it with me?’,” she recalled. “I was like,’ No, I would not do OnlyFans with you’. He’s like, ‘I know the guy who can come into Skye Suites right now, I’ve got his number and he films all [the] OnlyFans couples… I can get  him in here and we can screw production’.”

Bronte then questioned Harrison’s motives for coming on the show, with an interesting thought crossing her mind: did he just sign up for MAFS to launch a lucrative OnlyFans account? 


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Did MAFS’ Bronte Schofield say she would “never” make an OnlyFans?

Bronte told the podcast hosts that she fell into a “deep depression” after MAFS aired and her business completely collapsed. “I did not have the energy to respond to my clients, I didn’t even have the energy some days to get out of the bed,” she explained. “I actually made a joke, and I was like, ‘I’m this close to just making an OnlyFans’.”

After travelling to Bali with a friend, she decided she’d create an OnlyFans account. On TikTok, she claimed she made around $100,000 in just three days… and that has honestly made me die a little bit on the inside. That’s more than the average Aussie salary for a year, and while I’m happy for her, I’m devo that my salary will never reach these heights. 


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Bronte also threw out an explanation to why her OnlyFans account caused so many ~feelings~ for Harrison: could he be jealous? “He’s mad because I did it, and he goes, ‘But Bronte said she’d never do it.’ And I was like, ‘No mate, I said I’d never do it with you’,” she said. Oop. Shots fired.

MAFS’ Harrison Boon responds to Bronte Schofield’s OnlyFans allegations.

Punkee reached out to Harrison for comment and it’s becoming a he said, she said situ. Honestly, I don’t know if we’ll ever figure out what exactly went down, as both are adamantly sticking to their version of events.

“All I’d add to what she said is it’s just another lie. She was well up for [OnlyFans] hence why I enquired about it with my mate that does OnlyFans production,” Harrison explained. “That said, I feel very differently about it these days now I’m in a committed relationship.”

He went on to say that he doesn’t think OnlyFans is a good career move if “you’re genuine about finding love or a high-value partner”. 

Ugh. It’s 2023, so can we please get rid of any stigma surrounding sex work? Having a healthy and fulfilling relationship is not mutually exclusive with sex work. 

Image credits: Channel 9, MAFS