Onlyfans MAFS Married at first sight bronte schofield harrison boon beef feud

Harrison From ‘MAFS’ Has Shared Another Hot Take And We Hate It Here

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In what will come as a surprise to no one, controversial Married at First Sight groom Harrison Boon has shared yet another hot take. Apparently, he thinks signing up for OnlyFans (an adult subscription website) for money is “gross”. 

We’re in 2023 and there’s still people trying to shame sex workers? Ugh, let’s add that to the running list of Harrison’s red flags

Anyway, if you’re wondering what pushed Harrison to make his opinion known on OnlyFans, it’s because his ex, Bronte Schofield, has been busy making a killing on the platform. 

The brunette is currently in the top 0.03% of all OnlyFans creators, and she made a whopping $100,000 in just three days. And honestly? Get that bag sis, you deserve it after everything Harrison put you through. 

Onlyfans MAFS Married at first sight bronte schofield harrison boon beef feud

So back to Harrison, after he smugly declared that he wouldn’t be making an OnlyFans, he proceeded to shame both Bronte and other adult content creators. “I could have gone down the OF route,” he wrote. “But I’d rather have parents that are proud of me. Selling nudes to strangers for money is kinda gross idgaf what anyone says.” 

Then, when a follower asked if he’d be subscribing to Bronte’s OnlyFans, he said: “Why would I pay to see something I didn’t want when it was free?” Ooft. 

But wait a sec – the MAFS groom previously worked as a male entertainer and stripper. Of course, in true Harrison form, he doubled down on his position in a long-winded explanation as to why ~he~ was allowed to take his clothes off for cash. 

Onlyfans MAFS Married at first sight bronte schofield harrison boon beef feud

“I don’t see male entertainers in the same light as females selling nudity on OnlyFans. I was hired to do a job, I was an entertainer, I think that’s different to women selling nudity online to strangers. Call it a double standard if you want, but that’s just how I see it,” he said. 

Bronte hits back in a series of Instagram story posts: 

It didn’t take long for Bronte to address her ex’s questionable behaviour. First, she called Harrison’s claim that he didn’t want to see her nude when they were together a lie. 

“Oh please H Bomb. Match your hairline and back the fuck up, we both know this is a lie HAHAHAHA,” she wrote, before sharing screenshots of DM’s she’d had with fans about Harrison. 

Onlyfans MAFS Married at first sight bronte schofield harrison boon beef feud

Bronte also said she didn’t want to shame Harrison for being a stripper (though it did give her an “ick” that he was still stripping in his 30s), but pointed out his seemingly hypocritical comments.

“The fact that he’s throwing shade at me for starting an OnlyFans ‘selling my nudes’, ‘selling my body’, when he literally goes on boats, goes on Bachelorette parties and just whips it out for money. How is that any different?” she asked. 

And in a final dig at her ex, she left him with this comment: “And my parents are proud of me, come off it.” 

Image credits: Channel 9, MAFS, Instagram/_bronteschofield & harrison_boon_