mafs cheating scandal ellie jonathan

SPOILER ALERT: Exactly Who’s Involved In This Year’s MAFS Cheating Scandal

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From about November onwards, I brace for impact. Not for a colossal weather event, or the mayhem that is managing Christmas. But instead for the inevitable Married At First Sight cheating scandal. 

We witness one every season and it seems every year the context gets more and more cooked. We’ve had grooms sneaking into brides rooms, affairs starting on wife swap week (yes, that is unfortunately a thing) and post-MAFS hook ups that have turned into full on relationships. 

And now I know what cheating scandal we’re in for this season – and can confirm it was the last two people I would have suspected. 

Usually cheating scandals are reserved for the bad boys and villain-edit girls on Married At First Sight, but this year it’s a pair of goodie-two-shoes that are doing the cheatin’. 

mafs cheating scandal ellie jonathan

Image credit: Nine Network

Ellie Dix (who is married to Ben) and Jonathan McCullough (who is married to Lauren) are reportedly in a very real relationship right now – and their romance all kicked off during their season of MAFS. And I know what you’re thinking, Ellie and Jonathan seem happy in their respective marriages right now, right?! But rumour has it, they start to spend more time with each other as their MAFS marriage starts to fall apart. 

Reports are suggesting that the cheating is only properly revealed at the reunion, where Ellie and Jonathan arrive together as a proper couple. Lauren (Jonathan’s MAFS wife) is apparently completely blindsided by their relationship and Ben (Ellie’s MAFS husband) is disappointed because he had “genuine” feelings for Ellie but he kinda saw it coming.

While most MAFS cheating relos don’t go the distance, it appears that Ellie and Jonathan are very much still together, a solid six months after MAFS filming wrapped. So official, in fact, that they were photographed kissing and swimming while at Tamarama Beach. 

Now that their relationship has been pretty much confirmed, I’ve done a bit of Instagram stalking and these two lovebirds haven’t done a very good job of hiding their secret romance. They’ve shared individual snaps from the same restaurant, been holding hands in public and Jonathan even attended Ellie’s work Christmas party at the end of last year. 

It’s giving, we’re settling down and we don’t care who knows it. 

I’m not sure I can fully qualify this as a success story for Married At First Sight as the experts actually suggested these two be married to different people, but any form of genuine happiness that comes from this show is a massive win. 

Image credit: Nine + Punkee