MAFS Jesse Burford, Sandy Jawanda, Claire Nomarhas from Married at First Sight

Shots Fired: Sandy From ‘MAFS’ Responds To Jesse’s Wild Claims

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Married at First Sight may have wrapped up two months ago, but the drama is neverending. Yes, it’s a little bit embarrassing. Yes, it’s messy. And yes, it’s extremely entertaining. While Claire Nomarhas opted to mostly ignore her ex Jesse Burford and her affair partner Adam Seed dragging her name through the mud last week, another bride has come out swinging to keep the saga alive. 

Here’s the deal: So, we all saw Claire pour her heart out to Sandy Jawanda about her kiss with Adam, with Sandy encouraging the crystal queen to come clean. Then, last week, Jesse claimed this scene was “set up” by producers, saying that Sandy “already knew” about Claire’s behaviour

Sandy took to Instagram to tell fans Jesse’s campaign to paint Claire as a “villain” was “disappointing”, and we couldn’t agree more. After all, Jesse and Claire ended up having a great edit, being painted as a sweet almost-couple during the reunion.

MAFS' Sandy Jawanda and Claire Nomarhas on Married at First Sight

Sandy revealed that Claire had admitted to the affair on a Friday night, but since the crew doesn’t film over the weekend, producers asked Claire and Sandy to act out the confession on Monday for the camera. 

“She had already told me she was coming clean,” Sandy said. “Jesse and our cast mates know this. I have never hidden this from them. Jesse’s need to paint Claire as a villain is surprising… I’m disappointed.”

Sandy also showed proof that she was sitting next to Jesse during the night of the affair, adding that she never left the table. 

And in another bombshell, Sandy accused Jesse of knowing that Dan wasn’t faithful to her throughout the experiment. 

Two screenshots from MAFS bride Sandy Jawanda's Instagram story Married at First SightWe all know that Sandy was matched with one of the worst grooms this year, Mr Nice Guy Dan Hunjas. The bride was left heartbroken when Dan revealed he wasn’t sexually attracted to her – AFTER he had slept with her. Yep, real classy. Well, it turns out that Jesse may have been able to save Sandy from a world of hurt.

“I was also told by multiple cast mates that Jesse knew about Dan’s infidelity during the experiment and kept it from me. I see who he is aligning himself with now…helps me understand who is painting this narrative in his mind,” Sandy fired out.

“I had some great times with Jesse. He did not feel the need to talk to me before accusing me. It’s hard for me to respect that behaviour, especially when he is trying to tear my friend down,” she added.

Ooft. Somebody get Jesse some burn cream for that scalding attack.

Image credits: Married at First Sight, Channel 9, Instagram/@sandyjawanda