ICYMI Bryce & Melissa Gave A Life Update To ‘A Current Affair’

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Nothing proves the sheer power of Married at First Sight and how it hooks in Australians more so than the fact it’s August and we’re still here writing about the last season.

Even though it now feels like years ago that Bryce Ruthven was the worst guy on our TV screens, that Booka’s hit song ‘Brett’ was on repeat in our heads, and that Jason made me question my heterosexuality, it was only a few months ago.

Bryce and Melissa have already given themselves the title of “most controversial MAFS couple” so we’ll roll with that: when the two announced their engagement and pregnancy recently, it left a lot of people shocked and seemed like a big middle finger to the haters and naysayers.

Now the couple has caught up with A Current Affair to give the program a glowing update on their lives, with some upbeat jingles in the background to distract us from the endless screaming in our heads.

Here’s what we learned from Bryce and Melissa’s A Current Affair interview.

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1. Bryce said their babies are set to have “unique” names not just standard names like Bryce or Melissa.

I’m personally hoping for Alessandra.

2. Bryce proposed on a day date, during a helicopter ride with Melissa saying as soon as they landed she had to rush out and be sick.

Look, because of the morning sickness. It was just a funny line though when you initially remove it from the context. We all laughed, even the happy couple.

bryce melissa married at first sight

3. Bryce said the couple had looked into getting married at the end of 2022, once the twins were settled into the world and Melissa could go back to “doing her thing”.

“I need to lose the pregnancy weight for sure,” Melissa said. “I have to, I have to fit into my dress.” “I don’t think it’s a bad thing, it’s natural, you’ve just had twins..” Bryce said to Melissa’s, “thanks babe.”

4. For some reason the segment then quickly rehashed Bec’s infamous “that was my brother” kiss moment in the MAFS final episode.

Which we’re not sure why that has anything to do with Bryce and Melissa’s twins but OK.

5. The two are thrilled to be finally doing something a normal couple would do.

“We are the most controversial couple on MAFS ever, so it’s nice to do something normal and be like everyone else,” Melissa finished the segment with.

Watch the full segment with Bryce and Melissa from Married at First Sight below: