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Booka From ‘MAFS’ Has A Brand New Song & It’s Perfectly Petty

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It’s been a hot minute since we’ve had any tea from 2021’s Married At First Sight contestants, but praise the musical gods because Booka Nile has just released a new song and it’s perfect for anyone trying to get over an ex.

Booka’s band Internet Friends have just released a new song titled ‘Faked It’ and it’s about… well, you can put it together.

While we all knew Booka was a musician on MAFS, she rarely spoke about her musical endeavours, other than gifting us with the perfect scene where she played her then-husband Brett a song titled ‘Brett’. It was a perfectly passive-aggressive dig after Booka learned Brett had been talking trash about her to Patrick, and tbh the song still lives in my head rent-free.


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Now, back to Booka’s latest music. ‘Faked It’ is a catchy alt-rock song that’s a huge “fuck you” to any man who dared treat you like shit.

Don’t just take our word for it – the song opens with the iconic line of “‘I don’t miss you, I’m just ovulating” and it only gets better from there.

“And just because you play in a band doesn’t mean that you’re good with your hands, I fucking faked it,” Booka sings. It’s a perfect blow to any fuckboi or softboi out there.

And perhaps the best part is the verse starting with, “Just a little to the left baby, just a little to the right maybe… No that’s not my clitoris.”

It’s sad this is so relatable.

Check out ‘Faked It’ by Booka’s band Internet Friends here: