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Tonight’s Hectic ‘Married At First Sight’ Dinner Retold Via Hilarious Tweets

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Another week of Married at First Sight, another chance to show Australia some of the most toxic traits to avoid in relationships. To the men on this show: Yikes! Do better.

During this week’s episodes, all of the couples filed into a shared home for a couples retreat — well, except Bryce and Melissa who isolated themselves in a separate cottage. This was the first of several choices made by Bryce and Melissa to alienate themselves from the rest of the group, as they arrived late to every single gathering, before Bryce stopped Melissa from attending a girls’ night. That’s right, the one chance for Melissa to get another non-Bryce perspective was quashed by Bryce. This! Isn’t! Healthy!

Another toxic dynamic developing was between Jason and Alana, who were at war this week after Alana shared with the other contestants something Jason had told her privately about Bryce. Jason’s reaction was extreme, yelling over Alana and telling her to write “leave” at the next commitment ceremony. While they did reconcile, history repeated itself tonight at the dinner party when Alana, again, told the group something Jason had shared with her in secret.

It was a real shitshow, so let’s try to make sense of it all via the episode’s best tweets!

Tonight’s hectic Married at First Sight dinner retold via hilarious tweets:

We’ve reached the end of the couples retreat and, somehow, the couples have actually grown closer. Booka and Brett spent the night together and even got intimate, while Alana and Brett are stronger than ever after their feud.

Although the same can’t be said for Rebecca and Jake, who still aren’t showing each other much affection.

It’s dinner party time and Belinda’s outfit is really…something!

As everyone arrives at the dinner party, the group agree that Bryce needs to apologise to Rebecca for kissing her without her consent at the couples retreat. Correction: everyone agrees except Bryce’s bro, Jason.

Things get awkward when Bryce and Melissa arrive. Meanwhile, Alana is stressing over something she knows that Bryce has said about Melissa, and whether to cause drama in her own relationship by sharing it.

At dinner, Patrick calls out Bryce for his behaviour in the experiment so far. Eventually, Bryce apologises to Rebecca but she doesn’t accept his apology. Bryce walks off from the dinner.

In a rare moment, Melissa speaks up defending her relationship and telling the group that she and Bryce have even spoken about moving in together.

Alana jumps in to tell Melissa that she’s heard alarming things that Bryce has said about her. “Like what?” Melissa asks. “You’re gonna be single at the end of this,” Alana replies. After being pushed over who told her this, Alana reveals it came from Jason.