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Tamara From ‘MAFS’ Just Gave A Radio Interview & It’s As Awful As You Could Imagine

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Tamara Djordjevic is a Married at First Sight bride who has struggled to win over Australia during her time on the reality show.

She started out by talking down about retail workers at her wedding, before she went on to slut-shame and victim-blame Dom Calarco over a nude image from the Italian bride’s OnlyFans that had been circulated among the group. In the latest episode, she made toxic remarks about how Brent’s fluctuating emotions weren’t a masculine trait, before she went on to offend hospitality workers across Australia as she belittled Brent for ‘waiting tables’.

On any other season, Tamara would have been the dominant villain but luckily for her, Olivia Frazer has taken on that role.

Following on from last night’s episode, Tamara appeared on Jimmy and Nath on Wednesday morning to address the photo controversy. True to form, Tamara expressed no remorse or regret for her involvement, instead blaming the producers for bringing it up on camera. “I don’t think anyone would have spoken about it if the producers hadn’t had asked us,” she told the radio hosts. “Then obviously they’ve turned the narrative around to be everyone’s the bad guy because they’re talking about it when no one was. Honestly, it was sprung on all of us,” she said.

Tamara continued to distance herself from the photo-sharing scandal, admitting “I wasn’t there when it got shared, I was told about it from my husband Brent because he was there.” At the same time, she showed no empathy for how Dom must have felt when she found out the group had been talking behind her back. “If someone does have an OnlyFans account, like if someone you knew did it, would you guys not come to work and say ‘Hey, I found out so-and-so does OnlyFans? Like, that’s crazy, hey?’,” she laughed.

“I’m not saying Olivia didn’t do anything wrong, I’m just saying it’s been blown up.”

The MAFS contestant went on to address the rumour she’s now dating Mitch Eynaud. “Am I? That’s news to me,” she replied, before claiming that they simply work in the same Gold Coast office building together.

When asked about the photos of Brent Vitiello and Ella Ding seemingly on a Valentine’s Day date, Tamara questioned the authenticity of the images. “Did you not see it? It was a setup photoshoot,” she said. “Ella and Brent I think had like a setup pap photoshoot together but I don’t really know why.”

Not mincing her words, Tamara went on to allege that Brent only signed on to MAFS to become famous. “This is his big break,” Tamara claimed. “Everything that he wants to do with his influencer life, but good on him, whatever. He just wants to be an influencer, you know, get some free teeth.”

When Tamara was asked by the hosts if she regrets doing the show, Tamara confirmed she did. “In short yeah, probably,” she said. “I don’t regret the whole thing, I guess it’s just like, in its entirety yeah I think there was a lot of drama that wasn’t obviously related around our relationships that overshadowed a lot and it’s taken up obviously a lot of air time so it sort of makes a lot of the stories, to me anyway, not make a lot of sense.”


Married at First Sight returns tonight at 7:30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.