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16 Wholesome ‘MasterChef’ Moments That Made Us Feel Some Type Of Way

There is no denying that this year’s MasterChef couldn’t have come at a better time.

The all-stars season kicked off back in April just as the world was entering a new kind of normal. Coronavirus was declared a pandemic, lockdown restrictions were enforced across Australia, and life became a lot less fun.

MasterChef’s premier provided the perfect distraction, with three shiny new judges — Melissa Leong, Jock Zonfrillo and Andy Allen — and a bunch of old faces from past seasons coming back on board. All our faves returned, from Poh Ling Yeow and Hayden Quinn to Reynold Poernomo and while the competition has never been fiercer, the reality show has also never felt more wholesome to watch.

As we near finals week, we thought it was time to look back at some of the most wholesome moments from the season so far. Because if we’re being completely honest with ourselves, we have all probably got in our feelings and cried at least once this year over a reality food show.

And funnily enough, most of the series’ best moments have had very little to do with any actual cooking.

16 wholesome moments from this season of MasterChef:

#1. When the new judges were a breathe of fresh air.

It was no easy feat to replace the original three judges, but Melissa, Jock and Andy were immediately embraced by viewers. After 11 seasons, the series was in desperate need of a shakeup and fans couldn’t help but notice that the new judges also happened to be extremely attractive.

#2. When Gordon Ramsay was uncharacteristically patient with Poh.

When Gordon arrived we expected him to be on his worst behaviour. The TV chef is known for screaming in the faces of the cooks working under him, and he definitely had some harsh words for some of the contestants. But when it came to Poh, he couldn’t have been more of a sweetheart. My secret crush on Gordon has never been more intense.

#3. When Emelia tasted Amina’s ingredients because they weren’t halal.

During a sushi train immunity challenge, Emelia tasted the bulgogi beef Amina was preparing because it wasn’t halal. It might have been a small gesture but considering they were in competition against one another at the time, it showed how wholesome this show is putting camaraderie above all else.

#4. When Khanh’s reactions were truly everything.

Khanh is a human emoji and this season would have been nothing without his hilarious reactions. There are so many Khanh GIFs from this season which will live on forever.

#5. When Jess helped Amina after her recipe was taken away.

This moment proved that we didn’t deserve Jess. During a dessert pressure test in twist week, in the middle of the challenge the recipe was taken from contestants and Amina was struggling. Thankfully Jess came to rescue, relaying to Amina the mango mousse recipe — and somehow remembering all the ratios perfectly. She is an angel here on earth.

#6. When Melissa cried as she announced Amina would be leaving.

Melissa as a judge has brought a lot to this show, but above all else it’s just been genuinely refreshing to see a judge show raw emotions when contestants are sent home. First with Amina’s elimination, then with Jess, Sarah and Brendan. If Melissa cries, we all cry.

#7. When Reece fangurled over Katy Perry.

Katy Perry tore into the MasterChef kitchen like a tornado, bringing an unpredictable energy and no one was more thrilled to see her than Reece. He had plenty of fangurl moments and no one could blame him.

#8. When Sarah would enthusiastically narrate every episode’s events.

Sarah wasn’t just an amazing cook on MasterChef, she was the show’s resident narrator and the way she would describe her own food was beyond captivating. The series hasn’t been quite the same since her untimely departure.

#9. When Emelia was low-key the most hilarious person on the show.

Emelia isn’t shown nearly enough during each nightly episode, but when she is she’s always cracking jokes and saying what we’re all thinking. Show! More! Emelia! We demand it.

#10. When Khanh and Reynold shared their emotional childhood stories.

At the beginning of the photograph mystery box, both Khanh and Reynold spoke about their family photos and shared emotional stories about growing up in migrant families. Khanh shared his experience being born in a refugee camp, while Reynold relayed a story about being taken away from his parents by immigration. It was impossible to watch without weeping.

#11. When an immunity cook-off featured only Asian contestants.

Following the photograph mystery box, Reynold, Jess, Poh, Khanh and Brendan were picked to go into an immunity cook-off, making it the season’s first all Asian top five. Ahead of the challenge, Melissa shared a post celebrating the exciting milestone.

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This image is ground breaking. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Not only did these tremendous humans create the five best dishes yesterday (we judge dishes, not people), but I could never conceive of witnessing a moment like this on prime time television in my lifetime. ⁣Thank you @channel10au. ⁣ ⁣⁣ Diversity and representation does not come at the detriment of others, it is for the inclusivity of us all. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ I am proud to be Australian. To be part of a nation whose identity is indigenous and multicultural, we are richer because of ancient and recent.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ To every person who never felt seen, this is for you, may it give you hope. To every person who is yet to feel seen, you are valued and your moment is on its way. We rise together.

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#13. When COVID-19 restrictions came in and contestants could no longer hug each other.

About halfway into the competition, the current climate caught up with contestants and social distancing was enforced. This meant no more high fives or hugs, but the contestants made the best of a bad situation.

#14. When Melissa gave Reece ’10s across the board’.

The line popularised by RuPaul’s Drag Race has become Melissa’s go-to catchphrase for when she tastes a dish which is actual perfection. It’s MasterChef’s version of Australian Idol’s “Touchdown!” and I’m about it!

#12. When Brendan and Reece’s friendship was the glue that held the whole season together.

Whether they were bickering over cleaning, or rooting for one another up in the gantry, it was a pleasure watching Brendan and Reece’s blossoming friendship. I may never recover from Brendan’s recent elimination; Breece deserved better.

#15. When Callum was just a polite king every episode.

There is simply not enough said about how delightful Callum is in the kitchen. I don’t think he is capable of a negative thought and when thrown absolute curveballs in challenges, as Poh implodes or Reece starts panicking, Callum is most often heard saying things like, “deary me!” or, “golly gosh!” He is just so damn polite and humble — a true king.

#16. When Poh staring into an oven was the only constant in our lives.

Speaking of Poh, there is something extremely wholesome about forgetting the perils of the world for 90 minutes a night and instead stressing about whether Poh will finish baking a cake in time. She brings nothing but chaos to the kitchen and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

This is Poh’s world, and we’re just living in it.

MasterChef returns Sunday night at 7:30pm on Channel 10.