The Best Tweets & Memes From This Week’s ‘MasterChef’

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Another week of ‘Hot N Cold’ blaring out from our TVs most weeknights also means another week of great tweets and memes.

MasterChef this week was as chaotic as usual. A non-vegan chef came in for vegan night while Coles continuously played ads for some juicy lamb specials. Poh, Jess, Simon, and Reece were up for the immunity challenge which took the humble instant noodle and turned it into something us normal plebs could only dream of making.

There was also controversy when Jock decided to pigeonhole Brendan for only making dumplings, when, uh, you know, his prodigy Pasta Laura is still right there under his nose constantly making pasta.

Oh, and the Ben exit was hastily addressed, but we shall never speak his name again.

Also an important thing to note, the best judge on the show also cleared things up for us re: the missing instant noodles from the immunity challenge.

Let’s crack into the best tweets and memes from week six of MasterChef: