McCain Has Brought Back Potato Smiles (Kinda) & We Tried Them For Nostalgia’s Sake

In 2020, when we get rare good news we hold onto it tight and never let it go, unlike what Rose did to Jack on the Titanic.

2020 has taken a lot from us: like our social lives, jobs, happiness, and overall hope. But it has given us small sparks of joy, like the return of marble chocolate, the wholesome friendship of Reece and Brendan on MasterChef (until that was ruined), and the promise of a new Twilight book (if you’re into that).

This year has now given us another small treat with the return of McCain’s famous Potato Smiles that haven’t been seen in the freezer section for a very long time. Well, they’re kinda back.

This is what Potato Smiles looked like back in the glory days, before we knew how shit life could get.

Smiles Fries

And this is what the new Potato Smiles look like.

Yep, McCain has released a new oven snack titled Emotibites, which is normally how my friends refer to me when I’m eating.

(That was an emo joke, never mind).

With the news of this, I had to make my way down to my local Coles in the hopes I’d stumble across this glorious creation and I’m thrilled to say, I FOUND THEM!

McCain Emotibites potato smiles

Look at these two icons, back together!

Upon getting home, I put them straight in the oven for a 3pm snack, waiting impatiently for the 15 minute cooking time to end so I could finally relive my childhood.

Judge Judy Time GIFs | Tenor

If my PT is reading this, just kidding! I ate fruit 🙂

I gotta say, seeing them in different forms other than just smiley potato faces was quite confronting.

mccain emotibites

But also, this is a huge 2020 mood.

mccain emotibites

Final verdict?

I’m extremely happy to report these guys were freakin’ DELICIOUS. (Please note I have no affinity to McCain, nor was I asked to write about their product, I just freakin’ love snacks.)

This is 100% the isolation treat we all deserve. The potato was soft and fluffy on the inside, and the outside has a nice crispy texture. I only cooked seven because I thought I wasn’t hungry, but boy was I wrong.

10/10 would eat again. In fact, I probably will for dinner tonight.

Ahh McCain, you’ve bloody done it again.

You can find McCain’s Emotibites at Coles for $4/packet.