Olivia claims Brent exposed Doms OnlyFans

Olivia From ‘MAFS’ Is Now Claiming Brent Wanted To Share Dom’s OnlyFans Pics

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Despite Season 9 being in the distant past, the Married At First Sight OnlyFans photo saga has continued, this time with Olivia Frazer claiming that Brent Vitiello was the one who asked to share the nude photos of Domenica Calarco.

To give you a quick recap: Olivia had a season-long beef with rival bride, Dom, culminating in her allegedly outing Dom’s OnlyFans to the rest of the cast. This came out during a dinner party and the confrontation was extremely explosive, ending with Dom leaving the table alongside groom, Jack Millar.

Since the scandal, Olivia has tried to defend herself on a number of media platforms, whereas Dom has used her podcast Sit With Us to explain what happened from her perspective.

Olivia has also done a number of Q&A sessions on her Instagram Story, where fans of the show have asked her to get into the nitty gritty of the whole OnlyFans debacle. Most recently, a fan asked her about her relationship with grooms, Brent and Dion Giannarelli.


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The ex-bride completely ripped into Brent, even claiming the reality TV star had asked her for Dom’s OnlyFans photos in order to show his TV wife, Tamara Djordjevic.

“I mentioned on a podcast that he’s the one that asked for the photos, for those photos to be sent around, cause he wanted to tell Tamara about them, which is the truth,” Olivia said, adding that her allegation had prompted an angry text from Brent. “So I just said that, no one cared, and I got a really disgusting text message from him.”

Olivia claims Brent exposed Doms OnlyFans

Olivia also claimed that Brent abandoned her and Jackson after the reality show aired. “He very, very, very much bailed on Jack and I when our edit started to go bad,” she said.


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Brent has not yet replied to or commented on the accusations made by Olivia, so I guess the ball is in his court.

But to end things on a happier note, Dom has powered through the MAFS scandal, by launching a new and improved OnlyFans account where fans can access her paywalled content ‘on her terms’.


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