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The Funniest Tweets About Season 2 Of ‘Sex/Life’

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The first season of Sex/Life made quite the splash on Netflix, with the saucy series captivating a global audience with its steamy sex scenes and ridiculously soapy storyline.

Almost like a mix between Desperate Housewives and 50 Shades of Grey, if you need a refresher on what the series is all about, we’ve got you covered. The show follows Billie (Sarah Shahi), a married mum of two who seems to have it all, but there’s one problem: Billie can’t stop thinking about her ex Brad (Adam Demos).

When Billie’s husband Cooper (Mike Vogel) discovers her journal detailing her passionate relationship with Brad, things escalate in the marriage and, of course, Brad pops back up in real life to make things even more confusing for Billie.

Season 1 left us wondering what the hell would happen next after Billie tried to prioritise her marriage to Cooper, only to end up knocking on Brad’s door. Would they get back together? Would they just f**k like horny rabbits and break each other’s hearts again? Are we madder at Billie for not having her shit together, or at Cooper for tracking her phone?

As Season 2 starts, we learn that Brad has rejected Billie because he’s, uh, *checks notes* now with a supermodel called Gigi who is pregnant with his child. The man moves fast! Meanwhile, Billie and Cooper have separated and are sharing custody of the kids which means for three nights a week, Billie lives in the city alone, free to get up to any wild Billie escapade her heart desires.

And, of course, her heart still desires Brad. And Brad still desires her. So for Season 2, we’re stuck in a constant ‘will they or won’t they?’ loop, once again, with the toxic pair as they hurt themselves, each other, and everyone around them.

But because it’s Sex/Life, there are still some raunchy AF scenes. Admittedly, I am only on episode four as I write this so I cannot tell you yet if Brad shows us his peen in the shower again, but at least we’ll always have Season 1.

Here are some of the funniest tweest about Season 2 of Sex/Life:

Sex/Life can be streamed on Netflix.