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‘Sex/Life’ Is Coming Back For Season 2, So Be Prepared To Get Real Horny Again

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Good news to everyone who loves sex and life! Sex/Life has been renewed by Netflix for Season 2 and already we can’t wait to see more of Adam Demos and all of his, uh, talents. 

The Netflix series dropped earlier this year and was an absolute viral hit and the shower scene in episode 3 certainly had us all talking (if you know, you know).

In fact, the show was so popular Netflix reported that over 67 million households streamed the series in its first month on air.

The series follows protagonist Billie, who is faced with what seems like an impossible decision: the stable, happy life she’s created with her husband Cooper, or the wild, passionate relationship she experienced with ex-boyfriend Brad. After Brad reappears in Billie’s life in the throes of her marriage woes with Cooper, Billie eventually chooses her husband and kids – but the show ended on a cliffhanger that left us all guessing, as Billie popped up at Brad’s apartment for what looked like one last night of passion.

We don’t know a whole lot of details about Season 2 of Sex/Life yet but we’re assuming the main characters of the love triangle will all be reprising their roles. In a Netflix press release, creator and showrunner Stacy Rukeyser called Sex/Life “a dream come true”.

“To create a show about empowered female sexuality that has entranced so many millions of viewers is not only immensely fun but also incredibly gratifying,” she said. “I’m thrilled and grateful for the opportunity to continue telling this story for Billie, and for all of us.”

The stars of the show took to Instagram to also express their joy at the series returning.

“Season 2 is going to be epic,” Australian star Adam Demos (Brad) stated, with his co-star and real-life girlfriend Sarah Shahi (Billie) commenting, “My baby, we get to do it all again.”


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There’s no news as to when Sex/Life will return to Netflix yet, but rest assured we’ll be writing about it again as soon as we know!