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Watch The US Bachelor Find Out That A Contestant Was Faking Her Aussie Accent

My absolute favourite story from 2019 so far has come to an inevitable end. That girl on the US season of The Bachelor has finally admitted to faking her Australian accent, which actually sounded more like some kind of South African/Kiwi/nonsense hybrid.

In a bizarre exchange, Bri tells Bachy Colton Underwood that not only is she not Australian but she’s never even been to our great southern continent.

“Oh crikey, mate! So I came up to you with an Australian accent earlier and I don’t know if you noticed but I’m not actually Australian,” Bri admits.

“Oh! I was like, ‘Jesus, where did it go?'” Colton asked and Bri replied, “My Australian accent is kind of like an icebreaker.” Errr, sure?

Bri then tells the camera in a private interview: “The Australian accent is definitely fun. I like to show a light-hearted side of me so Australian Bri comes in and out.”

Check out the confession below:

I honestly can’t believe that she ends up fading back into her ‘Australian accent’, to which Underwood replies “You’re a pro at this!”

Ummm, nah buddy. She really isn’t.