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We Need An Aussie Version Of ‘Listen To Your Heart’, The Latest Bonkers Reality Dating Show

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The American version of The Bachelor franchise has always been way more chaotic than Australia’s version. Sure we had a confused Honey Badger, a former pop star, and, well, Blake Garvey. But the American series just does things differently and the latest version is BEYOND bonkers.

The Bachelor Presents: Listen To Your Heart is a spin-off of the successful Bachy franchise, but with a twist. The series introduces us to musically gifted men and women who are thrown into the Bachelor house as they try to find love through music.

The dates are music-themed, there’s always a spontaneous singalong at the cocktail parties, and emotions are extra heightened through duets. And, of course, there are rose ceremonies.

As the weeks go on, the couples have to solidify their relationships to move forward as a serious couple or opt to leave the show. The couples who decide to commit to a partnership then perform in front of different celebrity judges like Jason Mraz and Ashlee Simpson as they’re judged on their duets and romantic chemistry, with a couple being eliminated each week.

It’s like a hybrid of Australian Idol and The Bachelor and all I can say is Australia NEEDS THIS SHOW.

Watch the sneak peek below.

Think about it. Our past Bachelor series have featured music from time to time. Like, duh, one of our ex-Bachelorettes was in a girl band!

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Then there was Mack on the red carpet performing his hit song “You and me”.

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Ali’s promo for her season was her actually singing.

And we can’t forget the time all the boys performed for Georgia Love in what was still one of the sweetest moments of all time.

PLUS, our superior Bachy host Osher has already hosted many musical competitions before, from Australian Idol to The Masked Singer. He was BORN for this role!

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Look, obviously there’s no chance this could be filmed any time soon, but I’m happy to Ctrl-Alt-Delete the 2020 season of The Bachelor as it is, and watch Australia Bachelor Presents: Listen To Your Heart in 2021.