‘The Masked Singer’ Is 100% Returning This Year, With Filming Apparently Starting Soon

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In rare good news for reality TV right now, Channel 10 has said The Masked Singer will be back this year with filming due to start in “a couple of months.”

In an interview with news.com.au, ViacomCBS Australia Chief Content Officer Beverly McGarvey said they’ve locked in some very exciting celebrities for the 2020 season.

“The interesting thing is there’s a lot of (high-profile) people in Australia at the minute who normally wouldn’t because everyone’s come home to hunker down,” McGarvey said in the interview.

While the show won’t be exactly like the breakout 2019 series – for one, it’s highly unlikely there will be a studio audience, and also doubtful Lindsay Lohan may be able to return as a judge – McGarvey said they’re committed to making the show.

Lindsay Lohan on 'The Masked Singer'

“If there was ever a show made for lockdown, it was this. People are in masks anyway,” she said.

The 2019 series of The Masked Singer was wildly successful and a reminder that reality TV could be wholesome and still entertaining. Hosted by our dad Osher Gunsberg, Cody Simpson (aka The Robot) won the first series, with Australian Idol alum Rob ‘Millsy’ Mills coming in at second place.

Cody Simpson The Masked Singer

Seeing as the network is STILL remaining tight-lipped about Bachelor In Paradise (not that I’m mad or holding a grudge or anything) we say bring on the 2020 series of The Masked Singer as the fun distraction we’re all craving right now.