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Becky Was Stitched Up On Last Night’s ‘Bachelorette’ & Fans Aren’t Here For it

If you’ve been tuning into The Bachelorette, you’ll know the drill by now: two sisters, Elly and Becky Miles, are on the hunt to find their forever loves from a pool of 20 men. Normal, right?

While the sisters have assured us all numerous times now that there was never going to be a chance they’d fall for, or hook up with, the same men, Elly seemed to initially have a bigger pool of men to choose from after last week’s premiere.

With that in play, the first two weeks of the show have shown both sisters make connections and go on dates, but there’s been a few instances where Bachy fans can’t help but feel like Becky is Elly’s sidekick in the whole journey, instead of being put on an equal playing field as co-Bachelorettes.

Firstly, there was the Australia-themed group photoshoot from episode two. Elly was glammed up in beach attire, literally sparkling, with full hair extensions while Becky was stuck in an old-fashioned getup.

elly becky the bachelorette

Having said that, Becky did get a cheeky kiss from Pete in the middle of the shoot, so she used the whole situation to her advantage.

Then last night after the Bachelorette talent show, Becky and Elly both had solo time with their chosen men: Sam and Joe. While Elly and Joe got a romantic lounge set up with candles, a wine bucket, and flowers, Becky and Sam were shoved backstage to sit on a box.

elly becky bachelorette

Elly got the solo date with Frazer last night, so we can assume we’ll get to see Becky’s solo date tonight. But if not, we riot!

Fans of The Bachelorette can’t help but notice that it seems like Becky is getting stitched up and being seen as the supporting cast member rather than the main star.


We need justice for Queen Becky!