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Brooke & Darvid On Being “Madly In Love”, Moving In Together & Facing Biphobia From Bachy Fans

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In a Bachelorette moment straight out of a fairytale, Brooke Blurton declared her love for Darvid Garayeli in last night’s finale.

After ending her relationship with Jamie-Lee Dayz, Brooke and Darvid exchanged rings and revealed their feeling for each other.

During the final rose ceremony, Brooke told Darvid “From the moment I met you, I felt a lot of feelings, I felt calm, I felt trusting, I felt an instant connection and chemistry. Darvid, I don’t know how to say this but, you came in here and you granted me three wishes and I still have one left. Will you make me happiest girl?” Brooke said amid tears, before adding “I love you so much.”

Darvid comforted Brooke as she struggled to get her words out. “I’ve known from the first moment I met you it was going to be something special,” Darvid said. “I want you to always feel loved and I want you to always feel supported.”

It was such a beautiful moment. We love love!

We spoke to Brooke Blurton and Darvid Garayeli about being “madly in love’, their future life plans and facing biphobia from The Bachelorette fans:

On watching the finale together last night:

Brooke: “It was amazing. There were a few cringe moments that we hadn’t seen, but our finale moment is something we will cherish forever.”

Darvid: “She definitely cried and I joined her. I couldn’t hold back, it was such a surreal moment.”

On the finale low-key spoiling the ending by showing Brooke say that she loved Darvid before the final rose:

Darvid: “We were a bit shocked too when it happened.”

Brooke: “We were shocked they kept that in, in some ways. But obviously, my feelings for Darvid always grew. I remember that moment with how vulnerable and emotional we both were at the time. We had spent the most amazing day together and I just thought: ‘This is it, I know who I want to pick.’

It sucks that the franchise’s formula is that you have to take both to the finale but Jamie-Lee left with so much grace and beauty. I’m so proud of her, we’ve both checked in with her after the finale and she’s also sent beautiful messages to us.”

On whether Brooke always knew it was going to be Darvid:

Brooke: “You have to give respect to everyone on the cast but our first impression was undeniable chemistry from the start. I had feelings for other people along the ride and everyone was there for me. I can’t just say ‘I was there for Darvid, he was the one for me’ because I think that’s disrespectful. Everyone gave up their lives to be there for me,” she said.

“But Darvid and I knew the connection was there. I feel like we manifested one another. We are disgustingly and madly in love. I trusted my gut and it led me here.”

On Brooke’s rocky finale speech to Darvid:

Darvid: “I thought she was dumping me that day [Laughs].”

Brooke: “And the long pauses were a lot longer!” she said. “Telling someone you love them makes you extremely vulnerable and I flaked.”

On what happened to Brooke’s false eyelashes during her speech:

Brooke: “I can tell you a bit of BTS [behind-the-scenes] goss, the eyelash actually came off and Darvid put it in his pocket. We then grabbed hair and makeup to put them back on [laughs].”

On how Darvid felt watching Brooke form other connections:

Darvid: “I’ve definitely had my moments and sent Brooke some sassy, dagger text messages [laughs] but I’ve just got to compartmentalise. It’s all part of the process, in some way she shopped around to everyone else then came back to me.”

On whether Holly was initially intended to come to the grand finale:

Brooke: “It was a toss-up between Holly and Jamie-Lee — but obviously Darvid was a set spot. It was about who was right for me, and when it comes to Holly, that speaks for itself. That conversation wasn’t going anywhere.”

On the couple’s reaction to Holly and Millie now dating:

Brooke: “I think we’re really happy. Everyone keeps asking about it, and about the relationships that have come out of the show, but this is one of the first times that three relationships have come out of a season — three pretty iconic couples. I always preach love is love. How can we not be happy for people if they found their person in this experience?”

Darvid: “Those two are so lovely! I was probably the closest to Holly in the house, and we couldn’t be happier for them.”


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On some of the biphobic reactions online from Brooke choosing Darvid instead of Jamie-Lee:

Brooke: “I already had so much pressure being the first bisexual Bachelorette — everyone has expectations. But I had my own expectations and I went in with my own intentions. I don’t have a preference and I don’t think people understand what the term ‘bisexual’ means, because bisexual means having an attraction to both male and female. Regardless of gender, it’s about the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

If Darvid was a girl, I would still bloody pick him! The level of biphobia that was happening on Twitter, I was really disappointed to see, especially after the finale. You just can’t win? You try to do something that represents minority groups and they focus on the negative and have their own opinions. But I have thick skin, don’t I, babe?”

Darvid: “It was still overwhelmingly positive, I think just a lot of people wanted her to pick Jamie-Lee.”

On whether Brooke had a sneaky sleepover at Darvid’s in Brisbane, as one of his neighbours claimed they spotted:

Brooke: “This was so funny. Throughout the season, there’s been some speculation and spoilers — which we were disheartened about. I did not go to Brissy, I flew straight from Perth to Melbourne. I got my house sorted so we could move in with each other as soon as we could. I said to Darvid, ‘You’ve got creepy neighbours! You need to move!'”

Darvid: “I was in WA as well, apparently. Apparently I met her family, I was at her sister’s funeral.”

Brooke: “[WA Premier] Mark McGowan wouldn’t allow that!”

On Darvid moving to Melbourne to live with Brooke:

Darvid: “I’m so stoked! It’s been four months of packing up my life as quietly as possible. This afternoon, we will be in Melbourne! Brooke has kindly set up the house, she’s done all the hard work,” he said. “We’re just keen to do the normal stuff, like go get a coffee! We’ve been doing four months of long-distance.”

Brooke: “I can’t wait to not use FaceTime, I feel like FaceTime has been the death of me. We’ve had to be really creative over the past four months to keep the secret. But when we live together, it will be the little things, like going down to the local park to walk our dogs — you know, relationship stuff!”

On whether marriage and kids are on the horizon:

Brooke: “We actually have very similar dreams about our lives, but there’s no rush! We do love one another immensely but we don’t put a time limit on anything. Whether it’s sooner, later, whenever, wink wink!”