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The Bachelorette’s Holly On Finding Love With Millie

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Holly Langford was an early favourite to win Brooke Blurton’s heart in this season of The Bachelorette.

From their dance on the red carpet, to sparks flying during their solo photo shoot, and their connection growing consistently through dates and cocktail parties, there was no denying the two women had developed strong feelings for each other.

Things came crumbling down around hometowns when Holly and Brooke realised they weren’t quite as aligned as they initially thought. Holly’s mum dropped a bombshell on Brooke that Holly didn’t see kids in her future (or saw one child at most) while Brooke had been open about her desire to have three kids, two biological and one foster child. Holly then struggled with the thought that Brooke would want to end up back in WA one day in the future.

In last night’s episode, Brooke and Holly ended up tearfully ending things after realising they both couldn’t compromise on each other’s future plans.

We chatted to Holly about her time on The Bachelorette, those final moments with Brooke, and finding love with contestant Millie Rubio.


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On whether she was in love with Brooke:

“I definitely wasn’t there – my feelings were steadily growing and I had strong emotions for her but I wasn’t in love with her. I think I needed a bit more time to get there.”

On the roadblocks she and Brooke faced:

“I think that there’s so. much of our last conversation that wasn’t able to be aired, and Brooke and I had just figured out what our non-negotiables were. There were plenty of other things that were discussed that we were able to meet halfway on, but there were these big ones that came up quite late in our experience together that we couldn’t see eye-to-eye on.”

On whether she could be friends with Brooke now:

“I haven’t spoken to her since the end of the show — I hope she’s doing well! I think Brooke’s a wonderful person and has some amazing qualities and it was tough at the time to realise the big life questions we wouldn’t align on. But if Brooke wanted to be friends, I’d be right on that train!”

On forming close friendships with other contestants while dating the same person:

“It was a very odd experience, I’ve never dated the same person as a close friend before. But I was very much able to compartmentalise and be like ‘OK, I’m dating this Brooke’ and the Brooke the others are talking to me about is a different Brooke.

[Jamie-Lee and Darvid] were both my best friends in my house, I had strong friendships with the two of them and I think either way it goes both the winner and Brooke would be happy. I’ll be cheering on whatever the outcome is tonight.”

And on finding love on The Bachelorette after all:

“I’m dating Millie, she and I were good friends in the house, and we formed such a strong friendship to get through this experience. And coming out of it we were both in Sydney and hanging out and catching up and it just grew from there and I’m very smitten and very much in love.”