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LOL: Tonight’s Hectic ‘Bachelorette’ Episode Retold Via Funny Tweets

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The Bachelorette is back and FINALLY it’s Becky’s time to shine!

Tonight was truly Becky’s episode. First up, she had a solo date with Pete which saw the two dancing atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge before pouring their hearts out over candlelit drinks. Then it was Detective Becky on the case, as she exposed what Pascal had been saying about herself and her sister to the other boys. That guy really sucks. Let’s just be grateful that he won’t be able to go on Bachelor In Paradise next year. Too bad. So sad.

Elly was also there, helping to give Pascal his marching orders, as well as pashing James in the pool during a bonus evening date that came out of nowhere and didn’t go anywhere. Let us dig into the funniest tweets from the whole episode because they were particularly good tonight.

Tonight’s The Bachelorette retold via its funniest tweets:

Pete gets a solo date with Becky and they climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The climb turns into a dance party for two when Starley gatecrashes to belt out a banger.

Pete tells Becky that he was previously married and has been separated for a year. In return, Becky shares her history of heartbreak.

Meanwhile, the boys are getting frustrated with Pascal after he jokes about how he doesn’t even know Elly’s name. The disrespect!

Elly chooses James for a spontaneous evening date, as she tries to find out if he’s on the show for her or to win. They connect with their words and then with their lips in the pool.

In a classic Bachy stitch-up, on the way to the group date Elly and Becky recruit their friend and cousin as undercover drivers to report back to them on what the boys say about them. The worst suspect was Pascal, who shamed the ladies for kissing several boys.

At the group water sports date, James impressed with his wakeboarding skills, and despite a Pascal talking himself up, he stacked it. The boys were told the true identities of the drivers, before Elly and Becky find out about Pascal’s shady words about them.

At the cocktail party, after having a conversation with Elly, Harry decides to leave to return to his son.

Aggi informs Becky that Pascal had said some nasty comments about herself and Elly, so after pulling Pascal aside they boot him from the mansion. Boy, bye.