The Block 2024 winners steph gian japandi estate

Steph And Gian From ‘The Block’ Make A Big Business Move

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Steph and Gian may have become instant millionaires after winning The Block 2023, but they’re not stopping to rest or relax. ICYMI: the pair walked away with $1,750,000 profit, plus an extra $100,000 in prize money.

The couple, who were firm fan favourites after steering clear of any petty drama on the show, have soft-launched their exclusive homeware brand called Japandi Estate.

Their new Japandi Estate website is sparse, with one photo of the couple standing in front of House 4 alongside a definition of the word Japandi – a style that combines Scandinavian and Japanese styles. 

“Japandi is a design style that encourages a balance and harmony with nature, embraces the beauty of imperfection and natural materials, within minimalistic and functional architecture, creating a warm and cosy atmosphere for life’s most meaningful moments,” the definition reads. 

The Block 2024 winners steph gian japandi estate

There’s also a hint at what will be influencing their homewares brand – Japanese aesthetics, wabi-sabi ideology, Scandinavian design and the Hygge concept.

Steph and Gian’s dedication to this style may have been what helped the pair come away with the win, even though some viewers dubbed their choices as “boring”. Their vision was consistent throughout the whole house, it was neutral enough that it wasn’t offputting to buyers, and it’s quite a popular interior design style.


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Fans react to Steph and Gian’s new venture.

When their website was shared on a Facebook fan group, the response from The Block viewers was mostly positive. 

“I love the calming style and [I’d] love to get the same vibes in the house we just built,” one person wrote.

“Their house was the absolute STANDOUT! Saw it today and also on the show. They were never in doubt for the win. It’s bloody BEAUTIFUL,” another added.

“Haven’t heard of Japandi prior to this but apparently it has been around for a while,” a third wrote.

“It’s clearly more popular amongst buyers than the eclectic look,” another piped in.

Image credits: Channel 9, The Block, Japandi Estate