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Leah And Ash From ‘The Block’ Have Slashed Their House Price

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The Block’s ‘villains’ Leah and Ash have been dealt another massive blow. Their property, House 2, is the only house that hasn’t sold from The Block 2023… and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change anytime soon.

Some Blockheads have uncovered a new document that shows the lengths producers are now going to sell the unwanted property. The couple put the house up for sale after the auction for $3.2 million, but the house is now on the market for $3.125 million.

In just over a month, the couple have slashed $75,000 off their asking price. It seems like they’re determined to walk away from The Block with a profit, as their reserve price was $2,970,000. 

Leah recently told fans that the house “had not sold yet”, adding that the couple were being asked “every single day” for an update.

The Block 2023 Australia kristy brett leah ash villains

Leah and Ash on the set of The Block. Image credit: Channel 9, The Block

They’re not down in the dumps while they wait for a sale, as the couple have some big plans for next year. “Hopefully we make it to the timeline and finish [our] house, and then we just want to do what we love doing – design and build,” Leah said on Instagram. “We’ll get stuck into property development, and I think it will be really exciting to take you guys along on that process. We’ll continue doing client renovation work as well.”

“Hopefully it’ll be a really big 2024.”

Fans respond to Leah and Ash’s The Block house dropping in price.

It’s safe to say that after Leah and Ash’s behaviour on The Block, they’re not exactly fan favourites. After the sale documents were shared on Reddit, many couldn’t help but comment on the couples’ bad luck.

“They forgot the basic rule, if you have loads of money to be spending millions on a house, you are going to be extra selective and you have a lot of bargaining power and a lot of choices out there. And the other basic rule, be humble and be classic,” one person wrote.

the block 2023 winners steph gian kristy brett auction results record breaking kyle leslie leah ash liberty eliza

Leah and Ash during The Block 2023 auction. Image credit: Channel 9, The Block

“Hopefully this will have the powers that be see that the stigma of horrible contestants makes a difference at auction. They haven’t cared in the past as the ratings have remained high but the last two seasons of The Block has followed the trend of unwatchable people and the properties are starting to suffer,” another added.

“[The house price] will continue to drop. The houses are not well made, and after this many seasons, buyers are a lot smarter,” a third pointed out. 

Is there any interest in Leah and Ash’s Block House?

Leah and Ash’s The Block house has reportedly failed to attract buyers. According to Yahoo Lifestyle!, there are “zero prospective buyers”, and the longer it stays on the market, the less likely House 2 will sell.

“A Christmas miracle is needed at this stage if they want the house sold in 2023,” an insider said. “The longer the house is still on the market the further away an ending is in sight… Leah and Ash [are] still [floating] new ideas to sell their home.”

Dylan and Jenny from The Block 2022 were in the same position last year and ended up selling their property for a loss. In February 2023, they sold their property for $3.9 million  – $180,000 less than their $4.08 million reserve. Yikes.  


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Are The Block’s Leah and Ash on good terms with Kristy and Brett? 

Leah had a big blowout with former bestie Kristy near the end of The Block, but it seems like that’s water under the bridge. During an Instagram Q&A she told fans that they’re friends again, after making up once filming wrapped. 

The couple also added that their favourite moment on The Block was the breakdancing challenge. “That was just something that we’d never do in our real life,” Leah said. “That was such a good experience and memory.”

Leah added that the final “tools down” didn’t “even feel real”. “Very strange to be doing that for 12 weeks and then all of a sudden it was the last one. So some really cool moments, but they’re probably the top two,” she said. 

Image credits: Channel 9, The Block