The Block 2023 Australia kristy brett leah ash villains

Why ‘The Block’ Villains Are The True Winners

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The Block 2023 ‘villains’ may not have won during the record-breaking auction, but it’s looking like they’re about to come out on top. 

ICYMI, Leah and Ash have yet to sell House 2 and Kristy and Brett walked away with just $65,000 for House 3. While $65,000 seems decent-ish, winners Steph and Gian earned an impressive $1,750,000 for their beige House 4.

The contestants are now reportedly jumping on the reality TV bandwagon and attempting to turn their fame and notoriety into a career. According to Yahoo! Lifestyle, the Head of Media Talent at Channel Nine has been guiding the contestants as they make some important decisions. 

“Some contestants will be happy with their time on a reality show and pick up a few Instagram deals, but that isn’t what is happening this year,” the insider said. “Especially for the ambitious ladies from each house who all want to expand on their media profiles post-The Block.”

The Block 2023 Australia kristy brett leah ash villains

The Block 2023 couples. Image credit: Channel 9, The Block

Leah and Ash’s deal with PR queen Roxy Jacenko. 

Leah and Ash are two of the biggest ‘villains’ from The Block franchise, accusing other teams of cheating and linking up with Kristy and Brett early on. They attempted to clear their name as the competition was winding up, but to quote JoJo, it was too little, too late. 

Though they might not have the biggest audience on social media – 12.3K followers compared to Steph and Gian’s 38.8K followers – they’ve signed on with The Ministry of Talent. The agency is run by Roxy Jacenko, who has turned her daughter Pixie into a millionaire and social sensation.

The Block 2023 Australia kristy brett leah ash villains

Leah and Ash on The Block 2023. Image credit: Channel 9, The Block

“Leah and Ash’s affiliation with this agency shows a pretty good flex amongst the cluttered world of management for new celebrities,” an anonymous celebrity manager told Yahoo! Lifestyle

The publication also reported that the agency is likely working with the couple to source brand and influencer deals, but it’s unlikely they’re headed back onto our screens. It’s a shame, because I’m sure there are a lot of fans – myself included – that would love to see Leah and Ash put through some horrifying trials in I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

Kristy and Brett’s next big reality TV move.

Kristy and Brett weren’t afraid to ruffle feathers on The Block, but karma came back to bite them after Adrian ‘Mr Lambo’ Portelli refused to bid on their property. Their ‘villainous’ behaviour on the show helped with ratings, so Kristy is now seemingly working with a top talent manager to figure out her future.

The Block 2023 Australia kristy brett leah ash villains

Kristy and Brett on The Block 2023. Image credit: Channel 9, The Block

Reportedly, TV executives have been “throwing her name around”, so it sounds like we’ll see the couple back on our screens at some point. “You’d be surprised [by] how many reality shows need a good TV villain. Maybe not a villain, but someone who speaks their mind,” an insider spilled

“The opportunities for Kristy and Brett have been quite different from the rest of the 2023 cast and it will be interesting to see if Kristy can migrate to radio or more TV work.”

It’d be interesting to see which other reality TV shows Kristy and Brett could appear on. I’m thinking I’m A Celeb, Survivor, or if they want to stick to reno shows, Channel Seven’s new Dream Home. Or, could they compete again on a future The Block season? Only time will tell. 

Image credits: Channel 9, The Block