Liam Hemsworth Is The Prawn On ‘The Masked Singer’, Prove Me Wrong

Over a million metropolitan viewers tuned into The Masked Singer premiere last week, enticed by the age-old question, “Which washed-up Aussie celeb is singing dressed in a disturbing costume? And for what purpose?”

But we’ve been promised by host Osher Günsberg that these celebrities are the opposite of washed-up. They’re big names! As he told us last week: “I was blown away [by the calibre of the contestants]. I was like ‘How did you get that person to do this?’ But also, how did you say yes? You’re a busy person with a big career!”

Which is why I would like to pose the theory that Liam Hemsworth is on The Masked Singer. Not only is he on The Masked Singer, but he’s the prawn.

Yes, it’s a batshit idea. Yes, it’s probably wrong. But are you coming on this journey with me? Ofc you are.

Here’s why Liam Hemsworth is the Prawn on The Masked Singer.

1. Prawns live underwater. They love the ocean.

Do you know who else loves the ocean? Liam Hemsworth. He’s always posting beach pics.

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Rise and shine 😎

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2. You know how when people go through a break-up they get a weird hobby?

Like how some people become focused on getting a revenge body, or get extremely into bridge, or people like Miley Cyrus go on holiday and post thirst shots, or I just share endless pictures of myself doing fun things with friends because actually, I’m fine, don’t even think about him at all, I’M GOOD.

Well, what if Liam Hemsworth’s outlet for his post-split grief is going on a reality TV show and getting really, really good at singing?

3. The Prawn’s clues suggest that he’s comfortable as a performer. “It doesn’t take much for me to come out of my shell,” he says. “I enjoy being in the public eye, here, in the UK and America.”

I’m not totally convinced he does love the amount of media attention he’s been getting post-breakup, but hey, the whole point of this show is to obscure the singer’s identity. He enjoys his job! As an actor! Being in the public eye is just part of the job.

“The big stage is where I feel most comfortable,” he says. And the biggest stage of all is Hollywood. Liam lives between LA and Byron Bay, right? Byron Bay being just half an hour north of Big Prawn (coincidence??? Not likely!). That’s two out of three, and he’s gotta be in the UK, for his work, promo, etc, etc.

Plus, there’s all that dancing in front of a pool clue nonsense, which is extremely LA.

4. He sang ‘Suspicious Mind’ by Elvis Presley, a song that is absolutely about a break-up. Who just went through a break-up? Liam Hemsworth.

The song is about people in a long-term relationship not trusting each other – that resonates with the Miley-Liam drama. The pair were on and off again for like ten years, and there was plenty of rumours that their split was because of Liam’s partying or because Miley cheated on him.

Seems pretty suss to me! And that singing voice could totally be his???? Or anyone at all’s???

5. The Prawn is a pirate and Liam Hemsworth played a pirate in The Hunger Games.

“What? No, he didn’t,” I hear you say. But Gale and Katniss were always poaching in the woods, stealing from the Capitol. Well, plundering is what pirates do. Ergo Gale is a pirate. Thus Liam is a pirate. A pirate prawn.

Flawless logic.

Also: did you see the weird warehouse setting for part of the clue? That’s some District 12 shit.

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6. The Prawn says, “I’m a bit of a lairy lad,” which has led some to ping him as a Brit. Maybe this just means he’s a fun-loving spunk? Which we all know he is. He’s a born romantic lead and funny also.

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“This is my good mood mug”. Kyle. Arkansas.

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6. Here’s another clue that does not fit seamlessly into this theory at all but I’m jamming it in anyway.

“Some people would say my choice of hobby is unusual, but variety is the spice of life. I’m always trying new things” the Prawn says, while holding a soccer ball and then a football. Well, folks, Liam and his brother, Chris, are known Bulldogs supporters.

You can’t deny the facts, people!

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Let's go bulldogs!! #westernbulldogs #afl

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7. Liam Hemsworth is the perfect calibre of celebrity for The Masked Singer.

Down-to-earth, heaps famous, always having a laugh. But also it’s such a bizarre possibility – what if a Hollywood movie star really did take a couple weeks off to hang out at home in a very sweaty animal costume?

Who else is the “big superstar” if not a Hemsworth brother?

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It's hot…

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8. “What do I want to be when I grow up?,” the Prawn asks in yet another clue (they never end). “It’s too hard to choose. Just don’t put me in a cocktail, that’s so 1970s.”

That implies to me that he’s young, and Liam is just 29. And he’s not only an actor – he’s also an ambassador for a coffee brand, so y’know…

The last part just means he is a beer drinker, not a cocktail guy. Obviously.

9. When Prawn walks out to sing, his stats said he’s 183cm tall – Liam is 1.91m tall, close enough – and that his strength is being sociable.

He seems sociable??? He’s got friends like Taika Waititi to do cool shit with. That tracks.

10. There’s one last clue that goes like this: “I’ve been in an arena like this before, so I know what it takes to be a crowned a winner. And no one’s throwing this prawn on the barbie.”

Well, he’s won a Teen Choice Award and been nominated for stuff like an MTV Award (early clue) so… he’s a winner… in a way… Look, this theory is unravelling before my eyes, but I’m committed!!!

The last part is a Crocodile Dundee reference, which was very popular in America, just like Liam.

Case closed. Liam Hemsworth is the Prawn.

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