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Love Isn’t Dead! There are TWO Bachy Babies On The Way!

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Even in the darkest of times (Bachy breakups), there’s still light at the end of the tunnel for some happy reality TV couples and today we got blessed with not one, but TWO baby announcements from Bachelor/Bachelorette alumni.

First up, Becky Miles announced she’s expecting her first baby with her partner James. You may (or may not) remember Becky from her season of The Bachelorette where she shared the leading role with her sister Elly Miles.

Becky’s journey to love was a tough one, and while she chose Pete Mann over Adrian Baena in her finale, the relationship was extremely short-lived with the two announcing their split the day after the finale aired.

“I think when he broke it off, you know, that short time after, I was quite blindsided and hurt by it,” Becky told Punkee about the split after the finale aired. “After we had time together, Pete went back to Adelaide and I went home and about four days later we had a FaceTime call and he said he realised that maybe there was no spark there between us, and that he’s not my person.”

But in MUCH better news, Becky found love after the show and we love to see it!

“Soooo excited to finally announce that 2022 is the year I grow a human! Yes – we’re having a lil babe. Coming into this world June 2022,” Becky captioned her Instagram post.


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In other Bachy baby news, Bachelor In Paradise‘s Mary Viturino and Conor Canning are adding to their expanding brood after the birth of their daughter Summer in March 2021. Mary and her daughter Chanel moved to Tasmania not long after Mary and Conor declared their love for each other in 2020’s season of Bachelor in Paradise.


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I think you guys probably have an idea, but I will just confirm. We are definitely having another baby this year,” Mary captioned her post.

See! This show does lead to happy endings sometimes.

Congrats to both couples on their beautiful news.