Big Brother week one

The Best Tweets From This Week’s ‘Big Brother’

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Big Brother kicked off its new season this week and already it’s given us drama, love triangles, returned royalty reunions, and a bunch of newcomers to keep an eye on.

While newcomer Josh provided some pure chaos in his two episodes after declaring his love for housemate Sam, it was the reunion of fan favourites Drew and Tim, and Drew’s new romance with Sam that had Big Brother fans captivated. And yes, it’s just week one!

Familiar Big Brother faces who returned for week one included Farmer Dave, Reggie, Tim, Trevor, Drew, Layla, and Estelle with tensions rising between the returned royalty and the newbies in the house when it came to eviction time.

With the newbies banding together (especially “The J-Crew”) it was down to the wire on last night’s episode whether returned favourite Drew would be sent packing: but we said goodbye to Mel from Melbourne instead, and Drew lives to fight another week (and conveniently get reunited with former girlfriend, Tully).

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But as we all know, the best way to enjoy a show is by scrolling through all the funny tweets at the same time.

Here’s this week’s Big Brother recapped via the best tweets.

It was heartwarming to see everyone reunite and old fan favourites back on our screens.

Josh left everyone flabbergasted.

The reunion of Tim and Drew was a sight to behold.

In fact, just having Tim back on our screens is a blessing.

People aren’t 100% sold on the J-Crew.

Though we always knew Drew was gonna be safe.

And as things heat up between Drew and Sam, we can’t wait to see Tully’s gameplay.

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