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Brooke Blurton Has Addressed Her Friendship Status W/ Abbie Chatfield Amid Unfollowing Drama

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Brooke Blurton got her happy ending last night when she chose Darvid Garayeli in The Bachelorette finale, but that doesn’t mean that’s the end of this chapter, with fresh drama recently going down between Brooke and Abbie Chatfield.

Abbie appeared in The Bachelorette finale as one of Brooke’s close friends, which happened to air on the same day that Brooke possibly unfollowed the former Bachelor star on Instagram. As it stands, Brooke still does not follow Abbie — but Abbie follows Brooke. Awkward! Fans assumed that Brooke unfollowed Abbie after she went Instagram official with The Bachelorette contestant and Brooke’s ex, Konrad Bien-Stephens.


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So what actually happened?? We spoke to Brooke following the finale, and when asked if she unfollowed Abbie, she did not deny it but told Punkee that “It wasn’t intentional,” also noting that “I only just followed Darvid but I feel like everyone is just focusing on that!” Regarding unfollowing Abbie, Brooke added that “There wasn’t any malice. A lot of people are speculating and creating this conflict — but we’re still friends.”

When asked what she thought of Konrad and Abbie being papped kissing before he was eliminated from the reality show, Brooke did not mince her words. “I think from the show’s perspective, I thought about production. We keep it all under wraps for a reason: so that people are invested in the show,” she said. “Konrad was a clear favourite and everyone could see that — so it kind of gave that away. I was more disappointed because there’s people who are invested in this and they won’t watch it if they know who ends up winning.”

Considering that Brooke and Abbie appear to be good friends — as seen on The Bachelorette last night — we asked Brooke if Abbie had spoken to her about starting a relationship with Konrad. “We had communication, we do talk,” she told us, but added that “Anyone has a right to have a relationship with anyone they want, regardless.”

Ultimately, Brooke said she was thrilled for Abbie and Konrad’s new blossoming romance. “I am actually really happy for them and the relationship — I think they’re made for one another. Two Geminis, I love it! We love to see it!”

So far, Abbie has remained silent about her friendship status with Brooke and The Bachelorette star allegedly unfollowing her.