Byron Baes

Netflix Just Announced A Reality Show About Byron Bay Influencers So Sign Us TF Up

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Byron Bay? More like Byron Baes.

New South Wales has had a funny relationship with reality TV shows. 

There was of course the flop of a Jersey Shore knock-off, The Shire, and there was Sydney’s Real Housewives spin-off, which was famously cancelled after one season.

But now, it looks like NSW is getting back in the reality game by taking a little trip up north. That’s right, Byron Bay is the centre of this new reality show and we want in. 

Introducing: Byron Baes

Yeah, that’s literally the title. We’ll give you a minute to take all of that in. 

Byron Baes

Bryon Baes is the newest upcoming reality show to hit our radar. It’s the first reality show Netflix has commissioned here down under and it’s set to star more than a dozen professional influencers. I mean… sign us the fuck up. 

Who’s Going To Star in Byron Baes?

In terms of the casting, Netflix hasn’t given much away. Netflix’s director of content for Australia and New Zealand, Que Minh Luu, implied that the influencers in question have been living in Byron in a sort-of influencer bubble.

“You’ve got this cabal, or live feed as we’ve been calling it, of Instagrammers, who all live up in Byron, and there are a lot of them,” Luu said to the Sydney Morning Herald. “And we’re following them as they’re going about the hustle and finding love and happiness and the validation of the people around them and people online.”

Having said this, it would seem that the 2017 winner of The Block and iconic Aussie model, Elyse Knowles is rumoured to be in the cast. 


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When Does It Come Out?

Unfortunately, Netflix hasn’t given us a release date as of yet. So, we’re just going to have to keep our eyes peeled. 

What Can We Expect From Byron Baes?

As for what we can expect, let’s run you through the details. According to a Twitter post, Byron Baes is a “docu-soap series following a ‘feed’ of hot Instagrammers living their best lives, being their best selves, creating the best d̶r̶a̶m̶a̶  content. #nofilter guaranteed.⁣” 

Byron Baes

Now, it’s the word “docu-soap” that has us intrigued. While this is a reality show, it’s seemingly going to be less like Married At First Sight or The Bachelor and more like Bling Empire or Keeping Up With The Kardashians. But, then again, we’re just spitballing here. 

Everything Else We Know

In terms of the number of episodes, it seems like this season will contain eight. But that’s not to say there won’t be a season 2.

Also, Emma Lamb (from Married at First Sight Australia, The Real Housewives of Sydney) will act as the Executive Producer and the show itself will be produced by Eureka Productions. 

The CEO of Eureka Productions teases, “With a compelling cast, spectacular settings and some truly addictive drama, Byron Baes has all the binge-worthy ingredients. Eureka is thrilled to be working with Netflix on this love letter to one of the world’s most perfect playgrounds.” 

Which influencers do you want to see on Byron Baes? Bryce? HAHAHAHAHA, no, we’re just kidding. 

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