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18 Things People Do On Dating Apps That Are Instant Turn Offs

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There’s been a whole lot of discussion about the “icks” people get from potential partners happening lately.

On TikTok, there was a whole trend that focused on women sharing the exact situations where they realised the person they liked had given them “the ick” — that sudden feeling of disgust that turned them off that person forever.

For some, it was as simple as seeing a bit of sauce in the corner of a person’s mouth or watching someone drink a cold glass of milk. For others, it was the mere thought of a man running for a bus with his backpack bouncing around.

So I got to thinking, and decided to ask people what their biggest dating app icks are. The little things that are instant turn-offs when you’re chatting to someone on Bumble. The bios and photos that are instant swipe lefts on Tinder. And oh boy, the answers sure were  ~icky~.

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Here are 18 of the most common icks people get from dating apps:

1. Listing their height in their bio then complaining about it.

If you’re someone who has ever opened a dating app before, you’ve seen it: “6’2 because apparently that matters”. For some reason, men on dating apps LOVE to act like there’s a gun to their head forcing them to list their height in their bios.

Oh Liam, you poor little thing! It doesn’t actually matter how tall you are, but keep pretending it does so you can subtly flex that you’re above six feet while complaining about how “shallow” women are!

2. People having a photo of something that isn’t them on their profile.

Whether it’s a photo of the shitbox they drive, a sunset they liked, or the dog they use as their only personality trait, no one likes people who don’t put up photos of themselves. I am not here to date your ute, sir. Pack it away.

3. Or only uploading group photos.

If I scroll through your photos on your profile and every single one is with another person, it’s an instant swipe left. Sorry, but we’re just way too old to be playing Where’s Wally? like this.

4. Better yet, using photos where the majority of their face is covered.

For men, it’s usually the classic sunglasses covering the face or a headless torso selfie. For women, it’s usually a Snapchat filter pic or a selfie with a phone covering their face.

Either way, if someone’s profile doesn’t have at least one proper photo showing what they look like it’s Ick City™️.

5. Any bios that use an overused joke to try and shit on women.

For some reason men really want their potential matches to know that they don’t drink dick-flavoured coffee. The overused, boring “I like my coffee how I like my women… without someone else’s dick in it” bio is so played out.

And the reality is 90% of these men didn’t even get cheated on by their “ex who didn’t know how they liked their coffee”. Their ex-girlfriends probably just got fed up with how unoriginal and unfunny their partners were.

6. Or a bio that says “just ask” without listing anything that can spark a conversation.

The immediate assumption made when someone has a “just ask” bio is that they think they’re above dating apps and are ~too cool~ to put in the effort like other people.

Like, what am I going to ask you about, Ashley? The weather? What colour t-shirt you’re wearing today? God, a little effort would be nice. I am not Oprah doing a sit-down special with you. I’m not about to prepare an hour-long interview to find out the bare basics that I should know from the jump.

7. People who try to meet up after two minutes of chatting.

Men seem to be very scared of gaining “pen pals” on dating apps that they often ask to meet up after a single hello. Sorry, but how am I meant to know whether you’re a serial killer from a single “hi, how was your day”?

Trust me, it’s ok to have a couple of solid conversations before suggesting we go for a drink. And no, wanting to talk for a few days before we actually do eventually meet up isn’t me “wanting something serious”. It’s literally me wanting to make sure I don’t die when I link up with a stranger to get pumped full of alcohol the first time we meet.

8. And someone asking for your Snapchat after one dry-ass conversation.

There is nothing worse than a grown man asking you if you “have Snap” right after just saying hello.

First of all, we are grown adults. Delete that app right now. And secondly, I’m not really in the mood to send nudes to a total stranger who can’t hold a conversation for more than six minutes. Wild, I know.

9. Making not liking pineapple on pizza your entire personality.

I’m all for conversations about food, but if the only thing you write in your bio is that you don’t like pineapple on your pizza… this isn’t going to work.

At least pick an original opinion if you want to fight about something. Let me know where you stand on bananas being too overpowering a flavour for a smoothie, at least. ANYTHING else.

10. Or people who act like a woman knowing about The Office is a magical rarity.

No, I don’t want to be the “Pam to your Jim”, I don’t care that you’re “just a little stitious”, and I’m certainly not about to search up a specific episode and time code just to understand what your bio is trying to say. Men just seem to have a terrifying obsession with generic shows like The Office, but then love to act as if these massively popular programs are super underground and unknown.

“I just want a girl who wants to stay in on a Saturday night, order pizza, and rewatch The Office with me, is that too much to ask for?” Ah yes, because women only know how to go clubbing on the weekends! Girls only eat salad! And none of them have seen a show that was streamed over 57 billion minutes in 2020! Crazy, right?

11. “I’ll lie about how we met”.

Men also love to assume that women are ashamed of being on dating apps as if looking for love online is an embarrassing piece of information. But the fact is we simply do not give a single shit.

“Willing to lie about how we met. I’ll tell your parents we met at…” 

It’s 2021. We’re basically two years into a pandemic. And we’re all addicted to our phones. I don’t think there’s really any other way to meet people anymore, so there’s definitely no need to do me the “favour” of lying about how we met, babe. Grow up.

12. People who fill in question prompts way too literally.

“You’ll know I like you if… we match.”

“I like when my date… goes out with me.”

“I’m overly competitive about… everything.”

“The most spontaneous thing I’ve ever done is… download Hinge.”

Wow! So quirky! You’re just way too good to put effort into dating apps! Please date me, you’re so cool!

13. Any photo with an animal that isn’t your pet.

Nothing screams ~big strong alpha male~ like posing with a drugged up tiger in Thailand while seven cat handlers stand off to the side of the photo to ensure you don’t get eaten alive. Talk about a bad boy!

But even beyond those dreaded tiger pics, dead fish and captive elephants with seats on their backs don’t exactly scream sexy.

14. Or having “no photos due to work”.

There’s no bigger sign of a cheater on a dating app than someone who uploads a blank screen, generic quotes or pictures of random inanimate objects because “work” prevents them from sharing their face. We all know that’s bullshit.

Sorry, but what job doesn’t allow their staff to upload photos online? What boss can dictate whether their staff can date – and where that can happen? Are you part of the FBI or in a witness protection program? Enough with the lies, Jeremy. We all know you just don’t want your partner’s friends finding out you’re on Tinder for “a good time, not a long time”.

15. The classic “I’m more active on Instagram, follow me there” line.

You can always tell when someone’s just fishing for more Instagram followers. You match with a hottie and then instantly get a generic message along the lines of: Hey beautiful, glad we matched! I’m actually not on here that often but we can chat on IG. I’m more active there.” 

Oh, so you’re conveniently never active on Tinder except for right now… when you were somehow able to send me a message begging for an Instagram follow at lightning speeds? Weird that.

16. People who are desperate to let you know the kid in their photos isn’t theirs.

Hear me out: Imagine if you just uploaded photos with ZERO children in them if you feel the need to constantly clarify every child isn’t yours?

Most people with children automatically put that piece of information as the first thing in their dating app bios, so I don’t think you need to say a kid isn’t yours anytime someone under 10 is in a pic with you.

Breathe, Eric. I never expected you, as a 22-year-old, to have a 9-year-old daughter. I can tell that it’s your sister. It’s ok.

17. “So what are you looking for on here?”

There is nothing worse than someone who asks what you’re “looking for” on a dating app without having a real conversation first.

Big dog, I’m here going with the flow and I know nothing about you. How am I meant to know if I want a relationship, quick fuck, or friendship with you when I know not a single thing about you yet? Hell, even if I wanted a one-night stand, I wouldn’t do that with someone who can’t be bothered having a normal conversation first. Please slow down.

18. And, finally, any couple who make a joint account to “look for a third”.

I want, and I cannot stress this enough, no part in your threesome fantasy. STOP SUPER LIKING ME.

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