home and away summer bay leah patterson wedding married justin morgan spoilers

The ‘Home And Away’ Spoiler That Proves Leah And Justin’s Wedding Is ON

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Home and Away has been desperately trying to convince us all that Justin Morgan is on his deathbed, but since the show films about five months in advance, superfans know that Justin will still be alive and kicking through till next year. 

Fans often gather at Palm Beach to get a sneak peek of the Aussie soap during filming. There are even tours run by Celebtime that come with a special host from the show – with actors like Matt Evans and Emily Weir appearing on the bus in the past. 

And of course, Justin has been spotted filming on location multiple times in the past month. Unless the writers have delved into serious soap territory and written Justin in as a ghost, I can’t see any reason for him to be hanging out on the beach if his character is dead. 

If you forgot, Leah Patterson, played by Ada Nicodemou, tearily proposed to her boyfriend Justin on the show after being kidnapped by a creepy cult. Based off filming schedules, their wedding doesn’t seem to be happening straight after their escape and recovery from the cult, but it could be airing next year.

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Justin Morgan and Leah Patterson on the soap. Image credit: Channel 7, Home and Away

All the clues that Leah Patterson and Justin Morgan are getting married on Home and Away

In early October, Justin and Leah were seen having a coffee by the beach. A curious fan eavesdropped while the scene was being filmed and heard the pair talking about their upcoming wedding. Yep, wedding planning is in full swing!

“So at filming the other day apparently Justin and Leah were making wedding plans. They were close by when they were filming and they heard bits and pieces of them talking about it when [Leah and Justin] were doing their scenes,” a fan wrote on a Facebook fan group.

home and away summer bay leah patterson wedding married justin morgan spoilers

Leah Patterson and Justin Morgan on location. Image credit: Facebook/Home and Away Spoilers and Gossip

Last week, Justin and Leah were seen grabbing a drink from the coffee cart and chatting about one very important part of wedding planning: the cake. 

“[On] Wednesday, Leah and Justin [were] talking about their wedding cake… they are still using the outside cafe as the diner isn’t ready to be used for filming yet,” the fan wrote. 

Has the Leah Patterson and Justin Morgan wedding been filmed? 

It doesn’t look like the wedding has been filmed yet as the pair haven’t been snapped wearing wedding bands. It’ll likely be the big wedding in 2024, but since two of Leah’s past husbands have died and the other cheated on her, it doesn’t bode well for Justin. 

Fans are excited about the big wedding, with one saying they’re keeping an eye out for spoilers. 

“Hopefully someone goes there when they’re taping Justin and Leah’s wedding (if it happens)… you’d think the taping of the wedding would be soonish,” the fan said. 

“Would love to see Leah get married again,” another added. 

“I look forward to Leah and Justin’s wedding!” a third wrote. 

home and away summer bay leah patterson wedding married justin morgan spoilers

Leah running away from another cult. Image credit: Home & Away

The last Summer Bay wedding – Felicity and Tane’s – ended up being the season opener this year. It involved a near-fatal car crash, Leah getting impaled by a metal pole and Felicity was trapped inside a burning car. 

Can we just have a nice, lovely wedding for once? Leah more than deserves a happy ever after.

Image credits: Channel 7, Home and Away, Facebook/Spoilers and Gossip