Home and Away spoilers justin leah wedding married dead dies felicity tane divorce

We’ve Just Uncovered Two Major ‘Home And Away’ Spoilers

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Home and Away is a classic Aussie staple, filled with absolutely insane moments and some serious eye candy. But how do the writers keep it fresh? It’s been on our screens for almost 36 years and while Alf Stewart and Irene Roberts are constants in our lives, there’s also a revolving door of younger cast. 

New characters often join the soap for approximately three years before going on to bigger things. A bunch of Hollywood stars got their start in Summer Bay, including the likes of Isla Fisher, Chris Hemsworth and Samara Weaving

Spoilers are almost impossible for producers to hide as the show films approximately five months in advance and die-hard fans are constantly visiting the main filming location (Palm Beach) to see what storylines are coming up. 

With that in mind, Punkee may have uncovered some pretty major spoilers about what’s next, including if Justin Morgan is actually about to die and why I believe Felicity Newman is going to leave the show. 

Home and Away spoilers justin leah wedding married dead dies felicity tane divorce

Justin is currently fighting for his life on Home and Away. Image credit: Channel 7, Home and Away

Are Leah Patterson and Justin Morgan getting married on Home and Away?

On TV, we’ve just seen Leah Patterson declare she wants to marry her boyfriend, Justin Morgan. This revelation was anything but romantic because she thought they were about to be killed by a cult, so I didn’t expect their wedding to actually happen. Plus, the promos have been teasing Justin’s death.


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A sneaky snap from set shared on a Facebook fan group appears to show the pair planning their wedding by the beach. It’s obvious that Justin doesn’t actually die this week, but I’m convinced that if the pair do get married in the future, Justin will definitely die after the wedding

Leah attracts disaster like no other and even the cast is in on the joke

“So at filming the other day apparently Justin and Leah were making wedding plans,” the photo was captioned. “They were close by when they were filming and they heard bits and pieces about them talking about it when [Leah and Justin] were doing their scenes.”

Home and Away spoilers justin leah wedding married dead dies felicity tane divorce

A fan spotted Leah and Justin filming on Palm Beach this week. Image credit: Facebook/Home And Away Spoilers and Gossip

Will Tane Parata and Felicity Newman get a divorce on Home and Away?

Tane and Felicity have been through a lot together. I’m talking about being stalked, drugged, kidnapped and gassed – and that was before they were in a relationship. 

Their wedding was a total disaster too, after a biker gang tampered with the brakes in Felicity’s vehicle, sending their car into a major car collision and engulfing the vehicle in flames. Since then, Felicity has been sexually assaulted on a night out and is currently lying to Tane about wanting to have children. 

I’m pretty sure that Jacqui Purvis, who plays Felicity and joined the show in 2021, is going to leave Home and Away next year. I can’t see why the writers would tear the couple apart for any other reason. 

Multiple fans have spotted Tane and Felicity filming out at Palm Beach sans wedding rings, so I’m convinced they’re headed for divorce. “I was up there yesterday and saw [Felicity] filming, didn’t look like she was wearing a ring… she was filming with Mack and Cash,” one person said. 

Home and Away spoilers justin leah wedding married dead dies felicity tane divorce

Tane and Felicity aren’t in a good place at the moment. Image credit: Channel 7, Home and Away

This hasn’t gone down well with fans, who want the couple to have a happy ending for once.

“No idea why the writers would break them up, they are the most popular and loved couple but ever since they got married it’s been downhill,” one fan said.

“I hope they stay together and married, after the wedding and what they have been through, what a waste if they separate them,” another added.

“I know it’s only a soap but don’t understand why they have to break almost every couple up when they are happy,” a third commented.

But then again, a not-so-happy ending makes for fantastic TV. So no matter what the writers through at the cast, I will be seated for each and every episode. 

Image credits: Seven, Home and Away, Facebook/Home And Away Spoilers and Gossip