Jackie O bachelorette

Is Jackie O Really Going To Be The Next Bachelorette?

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ICYMI: Rumours have been flying around claiming that Jackie ‘O’ Henderson is lined up to be the next Bachelorette, and honestly, we’d low-key love to see it. 

She crushed her role on The Masked Singer as one of the (only good) guessers, and she obviously knows how to entertain an audience from being a staple of Aussie radio for literal decades. 

While The Bachelors attempted to shake things up with not one, not two, but three male leads, it could be time to go back to basics. We all know it was a total flop, and producers trying to stir the pot seemed to backfire badly. 

During a chat with co-host Kyle Sandilands on The Kyle and Jackie O Show, Jackie admitted that The Bachelorette producers had approached her manager. 

“I was asked to go on it, so there is a little bit of truth [to the rumours],” she said. “It came through my manager.”

Jackie 'O' Henderson in a pink dress

So what about the big question we’re wondering about: will Jackie O be our next Bachelorette? Apparently not! “[I said], ‘No, absolutely not. No way’,” the radio host confirmed.

“They asked, ‘How much would it cost?’,” she recalled, before saying no amount of money would convince her to join the franchise. 

And while we’re disappointed that she won’t be handing out roses any time soon, her reason behind it is pretty solid. Despite what all the other reality TV contestants think pretend to believe, these shows are not made for people who want to find love. 

“I’ve spoken to Sophie [Monk] before about it, I know what happens…there was really no one right for her, they just didn’t [have] anyone that was compatible with her,” she told Kyle.

“They’re just making TV at the end of the day, and you’re just going to get gronks, you’re gonna get weirdos. You’re just gonna get TV entertainment!”

Sophie Monk on The Bachelorette

When Kyle pointed out that Jackie constantly finds gronks and weirdos on Hinge (we can relate), she realised he was totally right.

“Yeah, that’s true actually. And I’m not getting paid on Hinge!” she joked.

So wait… does this mean Jackie could eventually change her mind? Watch this space!

Images via Instagram/@jackieo_official.